What Video Editing Software Do YouTubers Use?

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If you are wondering what video editing software do YouTubers use to make their videos, we've got you covered!

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world today, and it would be a miracle to find anyone who has never heard of it. 

Once a haven for home videos and pop culture references in the early days of the Internet, it has now grown to be an extremely powerful tool for content creation, online marketing, music videos, and more.

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber wanting to create some awesome videos, here are some of the video editing software you can use to stand out.

Top 6 Video Editing Software YouTubers Use in 2020

1. Doodly

Doodly Review Demo

Have you ever looked at those quirky animation videos on YouTube where it looks like an artist is drawing sketches on the go as the narrator comments? To draw so many sketches for just a short YouTube video seems incredibly time-consuming at first.

This is why YouTubers resort to using whiteboard animation software instead, such as Doodly, which makes the process easier. 

Doodly is a full-fledged software as opposed to a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you need to download Doodly and install it on your computer, instead of making animations online and having it uploaded on the cloud.

You can use it to make unlimited whiteboard animation videos, and incorporate royalty-free music in them. Doodly also comes with numerous vectors and graphics you can choose at your discretion, and if you don’t like them – you can even choose to upload images or audio files of your own.


As you would expect from video animation software, Doodly is rich in features. Although it is primarily whiteboard animation software, you can create 4 additional animation styles as well. Besides using a whiteboard, you can also use a chalkboard, green board, or glass board as your background, or create a custom style by picking your color or image. 

Another essential part of most whiteboard animation makers is the hands, which draws the sketches and animations. Doodly offers 15 different real hand styles and 13 different cartoon hand styles, and you can choose whether the artist is left-handed or right-handed.  

Besides the huge range of styles available, Doodly also comes with over 400 black and white doodles to be used in your videos. You can even import your own images, and draw custom paths on them.

Once you’ve finished creating your video using Doodly, you can also record your narration directly inside Doodly whilst your animation is played so that you get the timings right. You can then export your video in high resolution, ranging anywhere from 360p to 1080p. 


Doodly has two pricing plans: Standard and Enterprise. There is no free trial available, but you can get your money back within 30 days if you don’t like it. 

The Standard Plan costs $20 per month (billed annually) or $39 per month (billed monthly). Enterprise is more expensive, costing $40 per month (billed annually) or $69 per month (billed monthly). 

Both plans allow you to create unlimited videos and come with various music tracks, vectors, and images. However, the collection of the Enterprise plan is richer than the Standard plan.

The Enterprise also grants you access to the exclusive Doodly Club, where you can find updates to new characters and images.

2. Toonly

Toonly Review

If you’ve spent mindless hours on YouTube looking at Ted-Ed or Kurzgesaft videos, you’re very familiar with the concept of using animation to drive a point home. Animations and YouTube go hand in hand – be it for explainer videos, marketing, or presentation. This is what Toonly is great for. 

When it comes to functionality, Toonly is very similar to Doodly. Like Doodly, Toonly is a software that allows you to create unlimited videos using a drag and drop interface with a huge collection of vectors, images, audio files, and backgrounds.

However, unlike Doodly, Toonly does not use whiteboard animation. Rather, Toonly focuses on characters and backgrounds, allowing you more control over the visual aspects of your content. 


Let’s be real – animation is an extremely difficult skill to master, which is why Hollywood studios have a huge team of animators to make their movies.

However, if you’re looking to make a short video on YouTube, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of hours learning the tools of the trade. In that case, Toonly is an easy to use software for you to use without requiring any tech skills. 

Toonly’s library already features thousands of characters, backgrounds, premade scenes, transitions, text effects, animations, and background audios.

Once you download and install the software, you can go ahead and start playing with Toonly. You can choose an existing scene from over 100 backgrounds, or start building a scene from scratch.

You can then drag and drop images and characters into your video, and animate them with your mouse or keyboard arrow. Then add in voiceovers and background music, and export it as your preferred resolution and file format.  


Like Doodly, Toonly does not come with a free trial but has a 30-day money-back policy. Also, like Doodly, Toonly also offers two subscription plans: Standard and Enterprise. 

The Standard Plan costs $20 per month (billed annually) or $39 per month (billed monthly). The Enterprise Plan costs $40 per month (billed annually) or $69 per month (billed monthly).

The Enterprise Plan offers more characters, backgrounds, scene transitions, and background audios to choose from than the Standard Plan. The plan also offers you access to the Toonly Club, where you receive updates for new characters and props monthly.

3. Viddyoze

Viddyoze Review

Creating fully animated characters or whiteboard sketches can be fun, but sometimes you might want your videos to look a bit more formal.

In that case, you might be looking for visually pleasing intros, outros, animations, and effects rather than goofy cartoonish sequences. Viddyoze is a great tool for that job.

Unlike Doodly or Toonly, Viddyoze is a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that Viddyoze is a cloud-based software and all your files and videos can be stored on the cloud. The software allows you to add powerful animations to your YouTube content or landing page, and customize them as you please.

You can also use Viddyoze to incorporate your company’s or blog’s logos in your videos, and animate them to give them a more dynamic touch. For online marketers or professional salespeople, Viddyoze can be a very convenient tool. 


Even if you have zero technical skills, Viddyoze can make creating YouTube videos easy for you. Learning the software is as simple as pushing a few buttons. All you have to do is choose one of the several templates made available by Viddyoze.

You can then customize them to your preference. You can replace objects on the screen, add your own text, image, or logos, and change the theme of your template, and much more. 

Viddyoze allows you to create interesting intros and outros with a call-to-action button, which can be a great tool for marketers. You can also overlay your videos, create clickable animations, use watermarks, and even create live-action animations. Once you are happy with your content, hit render and you’re done!


Many professional video editing software is subscription-based, which means that you often need to pay a hefty monthly or annual fee as long as you continue to use their service. This can be a hassle for many content creators, and Viddyoze offers an alternative solution.

For Viddyoze, you only need to make a one-time payment to get access to the full software and the huge range of templates that come along with it.

Viddyoze offers two licenses: Personal and Commercial. The Personal license costs $97 for a one-time payment whereas the Commercial license costs $127. Both the licenses give you access to the 170 templates that come along with the software as well as usage rights to your personal videos.

However, the Commercial plan allows you usage rights to your clients’ videos as well. In addition, the Personal license allows you to make only 30 renders per month, whereas, in the Commercial plan, you can make unlimited renders.

4. EasyVSL


If you’re a YouTuber who is focused on marketing, you need new ways to sell your products. In a world where video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok are all the rage, making your customers read sales letters simply do not cut it anymore.

Unlike in the past, people do not want to read several pages about a product before deciding to buy or not buy it.

Video sales letters help you put all that information in a quick video, which your customers can watch within minutes. And EasyVSL helps you create stunning video sales letters in minutes, filled with texts and effects, which can help influence your customers’ decisions. 


EasyVSL does not require any technical expertise at all to create videos. It is a software that you can download for Windows and Mac, and use them to create beautiful slides and graphics, which is much cooler than using a PowerPoint. You can simply just paste your text into the software and have it automatically generate the slides for you.

You can choose from a myriad of custom fonts and background themes, or purchase additional ones if you don’t like them. You can then record voice-overs to match with the slides and have them converted to text with its speech recognition technology. You can also add sound effects from its library, which helps to keep the audience attention. 

Compared to many of the professional video editors such as iMovie or MovieMaker, EasyVSL can be a more flexible option for online marketers since it is dedicated to creating simple animations and slideshows for YouTube. 


The basic version of EasyVSL is sold at a standard price of $97, and then having to pay $9.99 every month. If you’re on a shoestring budget, this could be a suitable option for you, although you have to keep paying for the software for a longer time.

EasyVSL also has a regular version, which you can buy for $297. This is a one-time payment and you can get your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied with it.

5. Filmora


Whilst many of the items on this list cover flashy animations and stunning graphics, not all of them are suitable for content creators looking to make videos the old school way.

However, no matter for what purpose you’re creating videos, having a video editor such as Wondershare Filmora can come in handy.

Filmora is designed to appeal to a wide user base – starting from novice editors to veteran YouTubers.  One of the most convenient video editors out there, Filmora makes content creation quick and simple. 

Filmora boasts a myriad of features in addition to the basics. You can splice and cut video clips, add audio tracks and footage just like in any other simple video editor, but FIlmora also offers advanced features such as picture in picture, color tuning, and noise removal. 


If you’ve used video editors before, you’re already familiar with Filmora’s interface. If you haven’t, Filmora9 is still a great place to start with a very easy learning curve. In fact, Filmora has detailed video courses that cover all the basics of shooting and editing a video – suitable for novices and experts alike.

You can import videos in a number of ways – from your hard drive, from your camera, from online sources such as Facebook, or even record instantly using your webcam. You can then edit your footage, add graphic and text overlays, and filters – making your video look appealing. You can add audio tracks to make your video look more polished. 

One of the most amazing features of Filmora is automated scene detection. If you have hours of footage, Filmora splits some of your lengthy clips into more manageable ones.

Another great feature of Filmora is Filmstock, which allows you access to a huge catalog of royalty-free effects, audios, and video files. However, all the effects that you use in Filmora will need to be downloaded, which can be quite painful.  


Filmora comes with a free trial, which is severely limited. The trial version lets you export footage 10 times, which includes a Filmora logo watermark on them. It has many premium plans for its users, which are mostly subscription-based, although you can pay for a lifetime plan as well.

There are three schemes on the Individual plan. The annual plan consists of $39.99 a year, which gives you all the features and removes Filmora watermarks, but downloads in the Filmstock library are limited.

The annual bundle plan costs $99.87 a year and gives you unlimited access to Filmstock as well. There is also a lifetime plan, which comprises a one-time payment of $69.99 and gives you one month of unlimited access to Filmstock. 

Filmora also offers custom plans to businesses and educators, which requires you to fill up a form based on which they send you a quote. Filmora also offers discount prices to students but requires you to sign up using your Student Beans account

6. TuberTools


For content creators, any YouTube video will be incomplete without Like and Subscribe buttons. Also, as a YouTuber, you might need to refer to other videos, thumbnails or links that are related to your content, TuberTools.com can help you with a range of motion graphics and templates, which might be just what your YouTube video needs. 

 TuberTools works like a store. It offers you pre-made video graphics such as buttons, end screens, and thumbnails, which you can purchase individually as needed.

However, if you need access to these items regularly, you would be wiser to buy an entire membership of TuberTools. This allows you to get everything on the store for free along with exclusive items only available to TuberTools members. 


There is quite a lot that TuberTools has to offer in their store. You can buy the usual motion video graphics and transitions, which add an elegant touch to your videos. You can have classy-looking end screens, and lower thirds that can display your name, company name, or other information.

TuberTools also offers hand-drawn doodles, transparent overlays, royalty-free audio, watermarks, and channel headers. There’s also countdowns, which can be especially useful if you’re making a Top 10’s video. 


You can buy each product in the TuberTools store separately, but if you plan to use a lot of them, it might end up costing more for you. Another way to go about this is to sign up for a membership at TuberTools, which you can do in three ways. 

TuberTools offer a monthly membership, which will cost you $17 per month. It’s an affordable option for those who are still unsure whether they want to stick to the platform.

For content creators with stronger commitment, the website offers an annual membership costing $97 per year – a 52% reduction from the monthly membership cost annually. You can also be a lifetime member, which requires a one-time payment of $247. 

Buying Guide: Important Factors to Consider Before Buying A Video Editing Software

Are you looking for the best video editing software for yourself? The following factors will help you determine the right one for you.

1. Ease of Use

How good a video editing software is depending largely on how efficiently you can use it. So, you need to check whether the editor is intuitive or not.

Trust me, getting an editor that you won't be able to use won't do you any good. So, get the one that seems most user-friendly to you.

2. Supported Platforms

If you're using multiple platforms, or if there's any chance that you may switch to another platform in the future, you need to check the platform compatibility of the software beforehand.

In this case, web-based platforms are always better, as those can be used on any platform with a web browser.

3. Price

The price is definitely a point that needs consideration. You don't want to get yourself a cheap software, as it'll restrict your creativity.

However, getting an expensive software isn't a good idea either if you have low ROI.

So, you should consider this carefully and proceed with the software that'll give you the best possible features without breaking the bank.

5. Video and Audio Effects

Each video editing software offers something unique.

While Toonly lets you create cartoons, Doodly allows you to create whiteboard animation, and Viddyoze lets you add live animations, logos, and overlays on your live-action videos. 

So, which editor is best for you? It depends largely on your purpose and your approach to it. 

6. Supported Output Formats

Not every video format works well on webpages or YouTube. So, you should take a look at which format of output you'll be getting from the targeted video editor.

If the output format doesn't satisfy your needs, there's no point in buying that video editor. 

Video Editors for YouTube: FAQ

1. What video editing software do most YouTubers use?

The video editing software a YouTuber uses depends on the purpose of him. For example, a YouTuber who creates explainer videos will opt for Toonly or Doodly.

On the other hand, the YouTuber who makes live-action videos will most likely settle for Viddyoze or Filmora, depending on whether they need animation or not.

2. What skills do video editors need?

If you opt for the video editing softwares mentioned above, you don't need any skill or prior experience at all!

These are so easy to use that you'll be able to create videos with a few simple clicks even! However, you need to be creative with your approach, or you won't stand out.  

3. What are the primary functions of editing?

The primary functions of editing are as follows:

  • Organize the scattered and fragmented shots 
  • Add them in a sequence to communicate a meaning
  • Create a relationship between shots, so they don't look or feel different
  • Control the pace of the shots to achieve perfection

These are the primary functions of editing. 

4. How can I improve my video editing skills? 

To improve your video editing skills, you need to create a lot of videos by yourself. The more you delve into editing, the more you'll learn, and your creativity will be unlocked gradually.

Plus, you can follow other's video editing to get more ideas, and you can use those to create new ones.

5. How do famous YouTubers edit their videos? 

Famous YouTubers stand out from the rest of the crowd by making their videos unique.

If you research it, you'll find that while most YouTubers follow a trend in editing, the famous YouTubers create the trend, and this is what got them where they are in the very first place. 

6. Can you edit videos on your phone? 

Nowadays, phones are quite capable of low to medium editing workloads. However, it's also true that they can't be compared to desktop performance. 

However, if you're using web-based editing software like the Doodly, you'll get the same editing experience on your phone when rendering. However, the small screen might be a problem for some.


In conclusion, there is a huge number of editing software available that is suitable for YouTubers.

The software you can use ranges from free ones such as POWToons and OpenShot to highly professional tools such as Adobe Premiere and Autodesk Maya.

However, this list covers some of the most user-friendly software for beginners, which can make content creation easy and convenient.

So pick the best one suitable for your needs and shoot away!

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