Scala Hosting Review [2021]: A Hidden Gem

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The year 2020 was the year we all switched from being offline to online dependent. Especially small businesses that used to sell physical products in a store, have now decided to move it online as well. All these will continue in 2021 as well.

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are requiring websites to run their business. While website builders are getting their fair share of attention, web hosts are not far from it either. 

Since most web hosts don’t seem to meet all the requirements of the users, hosting a website can feel like a hassle sometimes. These hosts are either overpriced, or offer less features for an affordable price. 

This is a real issue, and one that has a solution to. If you are looking for that solution, you are in the right place!

To solve your problem of finding a good web host that doesn’t cost a fortune, we have brought to you Scala Hosting. To show you why we consider Scala as one of the best web hosts, we will be reviewing this web hosting platform in this article.

So if you want to know more about this incredible web host provider, all of its features and the subscription plans, be sure to read the entire article. Now without further ado, let’s check out Scala Hosting!

Scala Hosting in a Nutshell

Scala Hosting Review

Scala Hosting is a web hosting provider that has over 50,000 customers and over 700,000 websites that are being hosted on their servers. The company has been around for since 2007 and certainly have a lot of experience with good web hosting. 

They focus on providing great performance, highly-secure and low cost virtual private servers. They provide a personal VPS for every website for each user that come with lots of SSD cloud storage. 

Scala Hosting have developed a reputation for being one of the leading web hosting companies in the world. They have achieved such a reputation by providing high quality hosting service and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. 

Scala Hosting is an all-in-one solution for web hosting that covers everything from hosting your domain and offering you a large cloud storage to keeping all your information secured in their servers. The VPSs are backed up by SSL certificates which guarantees the safety and security aspect. 

Scala Hosting offers impressive features for its users. Let’s check out what you will be enjoying from your subscription to Scala Hosting. 

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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Scala Hosting Review: Top Features to Know

1. Cloud based VPS Hosting

Many web hosting companies are now providing a virtual private server for all their users. Scala Hosting is not late to jump on this trend. Scala Hosting provides  a personal VPS for your all your websites with high SSD storage capacity and lots of RAM to provide you the speed and performance that you expect from a good web host, on top of lots of space to store your data. 

The VPS is used to back up all your website data and this data is kept securely in the server. Scala Hosting offers free domains with SSL certificates that guarantee the safety of your site and make sure the customers of your business consider the site safe enough to make purchases. 

So basically you get a large cloud storage along with high performance, and the best part about this is that the plans actually pretty affordable. You get to enjoy this cloud based VPS hosting for a rather affordable price!

2. SPanel instead of cPanel

A good Control Panel is a highly important element of a high quality web hosting service provider. Unlike most of the web host out there, Scala Hosting does not feature the more commonly used cPanel control panel system. They own an in-house control panel which they like to call the ‘SPanel’ which is without a doubt far better than the cPanel. 

If you have ever heard of cPanel, you are probably wondering why you should use SPanel instead of using cPanel. What exactly makes it better? There are actually a few reasons SPanel is way better than cPanel. 

SPanel has a highly user friendly interface, and it was specifically designed to host cloud VPSs. You get highly organized management modules that are pretty easy to operate, so you have nothing to worry about regarding confusing menus and options. 

The worst thing about cPanel control panels is that they have various hidden charges. Fortunately SPanel doesn’t have any hidden charges and it is far cheaper than cPanel add-ons!

It is technically free plus all the add-ons you need; SPanel is a part of your Scala Hosting subscription.

To make the comparison much clearer and to show you exactly how much SPanel is better than your regular cPanel, we have prepared this table for you. Let’s have a look!




Control Panel



Advanced Cyber security SShield 



Cloud Recources Manager SCloud



Faster Web Server OpenLiteSpeed



Daily Backups SBackup



SWordPress Manager



24/7/365 Fully Managed Service 









At only $10 only you get so many features for which you would have to pay $84 a month on a cPanel with add-ons. We think Scala is offering a pretty good deal here with the SPanel. See why it’s better?

3. Daily Automatic Backups

Websites have a tendency of crashing more frequently than you would expect. Which is why, an automatic backup system is without a doubt a highly significant feature to be present in web host service. That is why we prefer Scala Hosting over any other!

You would expect your web hosting service provider to offer you this automatic backups on their servers, right? Scala Hosting makes sure to live up to that expectation and more! While most competitions are offering it at a high price, Scala is offering it for free!

Scala Hosting provides automatic backups for your sires their VPSs for all their hosting plans for free! But it doesn’t end there, these backups occur every single day, so your fear of losing all the data on your website becomes completely irrelevant. 

We understand how important the data on your site is to you, so we made sure to check whether Scala hosting keeps the data backed up in their servers every day or not. 

So, just in case, your website crashes or if any malware corrupts it, you can rest assured that your data is safely backed up by Scala Hosting and can be restored at any time. And as these backups take place every day, any new important piece of information of a specific day will get backed up to your server without being lost. 

4. Website Migrations Free of Cost

Many users own existing websites that they had been hosting on a different company’s server that they would want to transfer to another host. Most web hosting services charge additional money for this migration. 

However, Scala Hosting does not. This is another one of the reasons we prefer Scala Hosting for hosting your website on.

At Scala Hosting, you get to do website migrations for unlimited number of times for free! The Scala Hosting team manually transfers all of your existing websites and the data associated with those sites from your previous web host to your new Scala server. All you will need to do is give them the login information for your previous host and you can leave the rest to Scala Hosting. 

Most of the times you are required to do the migration process yourself, when you use other platforms. The migration process can be very confusing most of the times and many people find it kind of tricky. Some hosts will do the migrating for you, but charge more money for is. This is what makes Scala stand out!

Scala takes care of the migration process so all you do is sit back, relax and watch your website get migrated from your previous, not so amazing, host to your new Scala server.

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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Scala Hosting Subscription Plans

Scala Hosting Pricing

1. Start Plan

Right off the bat we have the first subscription plan that Scala calls the Start plan. In this plan you are offered with everything you need from any good web hosting service. The below features are included in all the plans including this one.

  • SPanel Control Panel
  • Daily Remote Backups
  • Free Snapshots
  • Fully Managed
  • Free Migration
  • SShield Security Protection
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Better Google Rankings

When you subscribe to the Start plan, you get all of the above and 1 CPU Core with a 2 GB RAM and 20 GB of SSD storage. The price of this plan is $9.95 per month, which is pretty cheap if you ask us.

2. Advance Plan

The Advance plan is the second subscription plan from Scala Hosting. The features of this plan include all that we just mentioned above along with 2 CPU Cores, a 4 GB RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage. This plan costs $21.95 a month. 

3. Business Plan

The third option for a web hosting plan on Scala Hosting is the Business plan. This plan is great for businesses and individuals who can pay for a decent hosting plan. This plan offers 4 CPU Cores, 6 GB of RAM and 50 GB of SSD cloud storage. And for all that you pay $41.95 a month.

4. Enterprise Plan

Although $60 a month doesn’t sound too cheap, for big businesses it actually is! The Enterprise plan offers 6 CPU Cores, an 8 GB RAM and an 80 GB SSD for $63.95/month and is the perfect plan for slightly larger businesses. 

5. Custom Option

Scala Hosting is kind of one step ahead of most hosting platforms out there, as they have a custom subscription option. You pay for what you use and the highest specifications you can select is 24 CPU cores, 128 GB RAM, and 2000 GB SSD on your VPS.

If you choose this plan, you’ll have to pay $797.95/month. But you can choose other combinations as well. Check it out on their site.

Scala Hosting Review: Our Verdict  

In our opinion, Scala Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers on the internet. There are certain things that make this platform stand out from the rest. 

The uptime on this web host provider is almost 100%. In terms of speed and performance, it does not fail to amuse us.

The SPanel, as we have previously mentioned, is far better than the regular cPanel that is used by most web hosts. There are no additional charges and it provides much better service than cPanel as well. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? 

Besides all that, Scala also provides utmost security for your websites by backing them up with SSL certificates. 

However, doesn’t only have good sides, there are some negatives. One issue people living in Asia or Africa and a few other locations will face is that Scala doesn’t have a server there. 

And, while the prices are low in general, the renewal fees of some plans can be a bit higher than others. 

Apart from these, there are no other negative sides. We think Scala can be a great option for a host.

Scala Hosting is a hidden gym in the world of hosting. It offers great quality, perfect uptime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.

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