Review on Animoto – Video Editing Tool

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People can get odd perspectives when it comes to videography. They can catch the slightest flaws and grasp the smallest detail. The flashy picture effects that captivate people, the slow motions, background audio syncing with the timeline. Such effects are not easy to produce. You need the perfect video editing tool to get all these effects on point. Can’t choose the perfect tool for video editing? Thinking of using Animoto but having doubts? Then check our article on Review on Animoto.

Animoto is a free video editing website that is quite popular among professional video editors around the world. However, we must be comfortable with using a server or tool before we start working on it. So to clear your thoughts on whether Animoto is the tool you can be compatible with or not we have prepared a detailed review on Animoto. 

Review on Animoto: Special Features in Animoto

Review on Animoto – Video Editing Tool
  • Logo Customization: The handiest feature is that you can customize your brand logo in Animoto however you want to. You can change its size, shape, and color according to your preference. 
  • Drag & Drop option: You can simply drag and drop any moving clip or picture you want and it will be added to your video.
  • Media Library: Animoto comes with a built-in media library with over 3000 thousand clips, images, and audio.
  • Social Media Link: Users can link their social media accounts to Animoto. This feature comes into use while sending a large file to someone via social media. 
  • Social Sharing: Unlike other editing tools, whoever you share your videos from Animoto they will be sent in the highest resolution either 720p or 1080p.  
  • Text Overlay: Allows users to add any texts on different fronts in their video clips.
  • Video voiceover: You can use this feature to record your voice, listen to it using the preview option and add it to your video.
  • Stock library: You can use various resources from the stock library and them to your video. There are over 1 million resources that are supplied directly from Getty Images.
  • Music Library: It has one of the biggest music libraries allowing users to add any tune, audio, or music to their clips. 
  • Prebuilt templates: Animoto has plenty of pre-built templates that have been designed by professionals. 

Review on Animoto: The Flexibility in its Use

Review on Animoto – Video Editing Tool

Animoto has great flexibility if compared to other video editing tools. People spend a lot of time contemplating the type of music that should be used and how long should be the video. Animoto helps people solve such problems. In one way, it takes away tough decisions and solves them on its own. It suggests edit styles, fronts, patterns, and many more while editing.

Animoto is swift and can add features and work out edits smoothly. However, it may have trouble syncing the videos and audio songs completely. If a person is speaking in the video and you would like to add audio for that, it might not be 100% on sync. After you have completed editing your videos but you are not satisfied Animoto will cover it up. You simply need to click the “1 click remix” button and Animoto will organize your edits and improve the edits that you have made. It uses a special algorithm to carry out this function.

If you are running late, it will take hours to edit your video and prepare it for your presentation. In such cases, Animoto is a life-saver. All you need to do is use drag and drop options to add clips or photos to its website then select a song you want to add. Next, you have to click on the “make video” button. Animoto will arrange your photos and create a video along with automated effects for you within minutes.

Why is Animoto chosen as the best video editing tool for both beginners & professionals?

First of all, users can project their videos in 1080p resolution quality. The videos are crystal clear and do not lag or get stuck while being played. Secondly, people who have no prior knowledge of video editing can use Animoto easily. Animoto has been designed in such a way that newbies find it intuitive, easy-going, and compatible. Animoto comes with several built-in functions to help editors add a professional touch to all their videos.

On the other hand, professionals can make use of its special premium features to edit every clip according to their preference. Starting from fronts, to text size, editing effects, color shades, Animoto has every feature a professional needs. Professionals can also use customer experience and turn it into a video using Animoto.


  • You can add photos and music simply using the drag and drop option.
  • The videos do not get blurred if you open them using another tool
  • Animoto is comfortable to use
  • You can customize and edit your clips as much as you want
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Colorful and interactive
  • It is remarkably seamless in all its operations
  • Allows users to create videos in different aspect ratios
  • Individual clip along with the overall video as a whole can be edited
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Does not require any special skills to use it


  • Audio does not properly sync with video sometimes
  • The logo has a watermark in the free trial
  • The professional and business plans are expensive for beginners
  • Free trail lacks subtle change options in individual frames
  • Crashes often 
  • The free trial version has been fewer templates

Animoto is best for:

  • For any business purpose
  • Special photography 
  • School projects
  • Presentations 
  • Real estate video making

Review on Animoto: Pricing and Package

Animoto is a free video editing tool, however, to get access to its premium feature users to need to subscribe for a package. This does not mean free trial users can be deprived of its features. They will get access to its features but in a limited amount. For instance, there will be limitations in all of Animoto’s media storage and library files. 

Animoto has 3 premium plans: Personal, Business, and Professional. The personal plan will cost $9 per month, but if paid annually will cost $5 per month. It allows access to 350+ music, 12 pre-built templates, and several fronts. It allows up to 30 color swatches and logo editing features.

The professional plan costs $65 per month but will cost $30 per month if paid together for a year. The package includes 1080p video download quality, 2000+ music tunes and tracks, and 40+ fronts. Users can customize unlimited colors and get access to 1,000,000+ photos from the library. As for their business plan, it comes with unlimited music tracks and 50+ pre-built templates. Logos can be created without a watermark. The best part is that the account can be shared with 3 people. Business accounts users are also trained by a video expert. Business accounts cast $94/month. If you want an annual subscription, it will cost 49/month. 

Why is Animoto So Popular?

Ease of use and its interactive user-friendliness have attracted many people into using it. People from various job sectors and ages have chosen Animoto for editing their videos. Besides editing videos, it can also edit professional pictures. Apart from these, Animoto can be used on Pc, laptops, and also phones. It has mobile-based and web-based features. Even though the structure of it may vary in different devices but it has the same features. 

How to get Animoto?

You will find the software on their official site First of all, you need to go to this site and create an account. If you have a Gmail ID you can use it to log into their website otherwise, you need to get registered. If you are using the app version on your phone you need to download the app first then proceed with the registration. 

How to download high-quality videos?

After you have completed making your video, you can download the video from ‘My Videos’ page. You will find a download icon below your video. Click on it and you will be presented with an option of which resolution you want to download it on. Always opt for the highest resolution i.e. 1080p. This will provides the sharpest and best video quality no matter where you play it. All videos will be downloaded as an MP4 file. Mp4 is the standard format for all Animoto’s videos as they are compatible with most computers and video players. 

Review on Animoto: Current & Previous Animoto Users

For marketing purposes

One user stated “Softwares such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are used for creating a longer form of videos. However, for something short, such as seasonal marketing promotions and events Animoto is preferable.” A lot of previous users have shared how Animoto came in handy during promotional events in review on Animoto. The photos and videos were taken on a phone which has captured major ongoing events can be used to create campaigns and slideshows using Animoto. Since Animoto is swift and has a “create video” option, it can organize clips and prepare a video. 

Social Media influencers and digital marketing managers have stated Animoto’s “Square” ratio aspect is very resourceful in the primary distribution in digital platforms. Users can edit their clips in 16 x 9 and display them on the monitor quickly. However, the downside is most of the music available in the library has ads between them. One user stated, “It is like regular Spotify, without the premium version you will have to bear ads in between selecting music.”

For educational purposes

People who have used Animoto to make educational lessons and prepare slides for classes are quite satisfied. Users have shared how Animoto allows teachers to present their lessons in class in a sophisticated manner. It makes viewers more engaged in the content. The basic plan is perfect for students starting from middle school to high school. Moreover, students who have used Animoto for their presentations were delighted by its professional touch. The templates are enough, the color strokes, and the library is enough for a 12th grader to create a satisfactory presentation.  

Animoto vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

Animoto is an all-rounder editing tool. It can edit pictures, moving clips, videos, and add voice recordings. On the other hand, PowerPoint can only be used to create slideshows or posters. It assembles clips to make a video. Animoto can be used to add recordings and audio to your PowerPoint presentation.

However, PowerPoint is cost-effective, unlike Animoto which has 3 premium packages. It either comes with pre-installed Microsoft word when you buy a new computer or can be later installed by purchasing a key license. The key license allows users to access multiple Microsoft tools besides PowerPoint.  

Animoto vs. Adobe Premiere

Adobe premiere is a complicated video editing software. It has intricate features and requires special skills to operate it. Using Adobe Premiere requires competency. If you are highly competent it will take 2 to 3 weeks before you learn how to use Adobe premiere. However, if you are not familiar with the basics it will have 3 to 4 months. In comparison to that, Animoto takes a day to learn how to use it. 

Although in terms of pricing Adobe is cheaper than Animoto. Adobe costs $20.99 to $22 per month. The annual package costs $19 per month using which you can edit unlimited videos. The rate is fairly cheaper in contrast to Animoto. 

Final thoughts

Animoto is a user-friendly editing tool and it can easily be operated by people of all ages. No matter which background you come from, Animoto has templates that will suit your presentations. Even though its features are amazing, however, its pricing is a bit high. 

Unless money is not a problem for you, you can make the most use of its packages. If you are a student its basic free plan should suffice in video editing. However, for small businesses purchasing Animoto would be a hassle even though it is one of the best video editing tools that exist. Hopefully our article on Review on Animoto will help you to choose the perfect tool for video editing. Wish you all the best!

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