ProWritingAid Review: A Route to Impeccable Writing

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Editing is an integral part of writing. Yet, it is the most difficult task to carry out throughout the writing process. A student, teacher, or writer, nobody wants to leave traces of grammatical and spelling errors in their professional writings. However, human beings are prone to inaccuracy no matter how prudent they might be. That is why one needs to proofread his writings. Now, proofreading all by yourself comes with its own sets of troubles.

Imagine writing a thousand words and rereading that one piece of writing repeatedly to find that one mistake that could leave a stain on your writing career. Imagine that your deadline is approaching faster than ever.

What would you do to avoid mistakes while maintaining punctuality? That is where an online grammar tool could come in handy. Run your writings through the grammar tool and rectify your grammatical and spelling errors in no time. 

Among plenty of grammar checking tools, it is no less than a conundrum to decide which tool to adopt and which to disregard. Almost all grammar tools come with a premium version with entire access to all its services. Therefore, you must invest in the right tool to make your purchase worth it. 

Grammarly is a popular option when it comes to grammar checking tools. However, today is not about Grammarly (you can read more about it here).

Today, we are going to share ProWritingAid review which is a less known grammar tool. 

To help your purchase, we are going to enlighten you with its services and compare the services of ProWritingAid and Grammarly.  So, if you want to dig deeper into the world of grammar checking tools, read on. 

ProWritingAid: A Brief View

ProWritingAid Review - Quick View

ProWritingAid is a grammar and spelling checker that allows you to bring strength in your writing. This software was founded by Chris Banks in 2014. ProWritingAid is for anybody who writes, be it authors, students, bloggers, teachers, or copywriters.

The best part about ProWritingAid is, it serves you with an extensive report that pinpoints your mistakes and gives you a proper explanation. This grammar correcting tool provides everything, starting from articles to quizzes, to make the writing process fascinating and intriguing. This way, you can bolster your writing skills. Furthermore, it helps you correct errors in punctuation, spelling, tense, subject-verb agreement, etc.

Not only this, but it also helps you identify poor word choice, redundancy errors, clichés, overused words and repetitiveness. This software has in-built Word Explorer and Contextual Thesaurus that help choose appropriate words that fit your content. This increases the readability of your writing and provides clarity. Charts are included in this software to let writers view their writing in a completely different way.

Luckily, ProWritingAid editing software is compatible with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Open Office, and Google Docs. Get a browser extension on browsers such as Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome to be able to correct your writing on any other website like Facebook or Twitter. To get your content checked, download their app for Windows or run your documents to its web-based editors. 

Now, you can adopt a better writing style and flaunt flawless grammar while writing blogs, novels, emails, or business letters with ProWritingAid at a reasonable price. 

Who Uses ProWritingAid?

Anybody who writes can use ProWritingAid. ProWritingAid breaks the barrier of affordability and restriction. Writers from all over the world can join this platform to turn their writings from good to excellent with this platform. Whether it is editing or discovering your unrealized mistakes while writing, ProWritingAid does its job effectively at a lower price.  

Writers use ProWritingAid for loads of projects. Let us take a glimpse at how different writers use ProWritingAid for different purposes. 

In ProWritingAid, your writing niche would not matter. No matter what you write, ProWritingAid will help you express your ideas better with its style suggestions.

1. General Writers

If you are writing on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, the free version of ProWritingAid is enough to help you identify embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors.  

2. Business Writers

 Writings related to the business are more delicate and require more expertise. In these writings, there is absolutely no room for errors. Business writers usually use ProWritingAid to write and edit business reports, emails, applications, pitches and presentations. Concise words are key to effective communication, which is why this software identifies long sentences and encourages business writers to shorten these complex sentences. 

3. Academic Writers

Assignment or Thesis, ProWritingAid can amplify the quality of writing. The plagiarism checker of the ProWritingAid helps students identify any accidental plagiarism in your writing. Errors and plagiarism in academic writings could sway you away from the credit you deserve. ProWritingAid helps academic writers to maintain originality in their writings and make the writing process less intimidating

4. Fiction Writers

Fiction writers often need to edit their short stories and novels. Containing many words, these books cannot be edited manually. ProWritingAid would help writers to edit spellings or sentence structure errors in their writing before these writings are passed on to the agents. The wide options of integration in ProWritingAid allow writers to use applications such as Scrivener, Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

If you are a writer who is constantly struggling with writing, you can check the blogs in ProWritingAid related to the writing process. 

5. Bloggers and Content Writers

Many people earn income by blogging. Since the demand for quality content is rising each day, writers need to be cautious with their words, spellings and grammar. The reports and the plagiarism checker of ProWritingAid allies writers to self-check their writing before they publish their work.

If you are a blogger, you can read the blogs related to content writing in ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid Review: The Uses and Features

The first step towards using ProWritingAid, whether free or premium version, is to create an account. After creating your account, you can login and start editing your document. After logging in, you can save your document.

Therefore, the chance of losing your document after an accidental reload is zero. It also allows you to draft which means that you can type in the tab provided in the web version without getting into the loop of copying and pasting.

In case you are adapted to using Microsoft Word, Scrivener or Google Docs, you can also integrate ProWritingAid with these applications. If you are using Microsoft Word, download the Microsoft Word Plugin and find it right beside the "help" bar. On clicking this, this new bar, you get access to billions of editing facilities into your word processor.

The same process applies to Google Doc. Having this facility integrated into your word processor saves you plenty of time and exempts you from logging into your account now and then (in case you are lazy). This application is only available for Word Users. In case you are a Mac user, you must use the desktop app of ProWritingAid. 

You can also upload a Scrivener document in ProWritingAid and fix the errors in your novels. Although Scrivener is popular among writers, it is barely supported by any premium version of other grammar checkers.

Like browsers, ProWritingAid Desktop App runs directly on your computer. Able to open any Word Processing files, the ProWritingAid Desktop App provides greater flexibility if you have a stable internet connection. It also provides an extension for browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

The way it is different from the web-based editor is that it is incorporated into the browser itself. It gets activated every time you write whether on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, WordPress or Gmail. With this facility, writing would be an easier task irrespective of the platform you are writing on.

ProWritingAid: Free Trial

ProWritingAid offers its users a free trial to let them contemplate whether they want this software in the long run. In this free trial, you get entrance to its web-based checker that allows you to check 500 words.

Apart from this, this software offers you a basic browser extension that would help you eradicate your spelling and grammar errors online. The free version is a good choice for short writings. However, it limits you by not letting you edit more than 500 words at the same time. The free version offers you 22-25 reports which are adequate for everyday writing.

Apart from that, it also restricts you from using the desktop version. Therefore, if you want more services, it is suitable to get the premium version that comes with various other options. There is more to writing than spelling and grammar errors after all. 

ProWritingAid: Premium Version

As you buy the premium version, ProWritingAid opens its door for you where you get plenty of other facilities. Once you sign up for a ProWritingAid account, you can now edit, draft and save your document in your account.

ProWritingAid marks your spelling, grammar, and style errors in red, blue, and yellow, respectively. These different colors allow you to view your mistakes separately. On clicking these mistakes, you find several suggestions regarding your mistakes. In short, it prevents you from repeating the same mistake twice.

ProWritingAid marks unfamiliar words (such as names of a company) as typos. In this case, you can always ignore the suggestion or add this word to your dictionary to avoid the irritating red underline. Apart from this, ProWritingAid also offers you an elaborate report on your document and comments on the style, grammar, word choice, sentence structure and readability of your writing. 

If you pay for premium, you can access the full editing features that ProWritingAid provides. 

ProWritingAid Pricing

The premium version of ProWritingAid is more affordable than Grammarly and other grammar and style checking tools in the market. The premium version is available at 3 prices: $20/month, $79/ year and $399 for a lifetime. Now, pay the price according to your needs. This premium version includes a writer’s resource library that aids your writing. 

Apart from that, ProWritingAid is safe to use, unlike other grammar and style tools. They never access your writing without your consent. 

An important part of writing is to present plagiarism-free content. Any grammar and style checking tool that had this feature incorporated within it is no less than a blessing. No matter which grammar and style checking tool you decide to use, this feature does not come free of cost. In the Premium Plus version of ProWritingAid, you can now check for plagiarism.

However, you might need to pay slightly more for getting access to this feature. In this case, you would have to pay $24/month, $89/ year and $499 for a lifetime. At this affordable price, you would be able to run almost 50 documents for plagiarism checks each year which makes it apt for academic writings. 

Still skeptical? Request your 14-day trial and check if it suits your needs. You also get a 14-day refund policy if you are unsatisfied with the services. Apart from this, you can also request for a special 20% discount. 

ProWritingAid Pricing



Premium Plus










Pricing for Plagiarism Checks

No of checks










ProWritingAid: Monthly Subscription

This subscription is available at $20/month. If you are looking for a grammar correcting tool for a short time, this option would be suitable for you. Quit looking for a professional editor online and edit your work all by yourself. 

ProWritingAid: Yearly Subscription

Available at $79 per month, you can make payment for the whole month without worrying about the dates of payments. With this, you can rest for a year. This subscription is suitable for professional writers and bloggers who must take up the task of writing every day.

ProWritingAid: Lifetime Subscription

With ProWritingAid life-time subscription, there would be no hassle of making payment. You get access to all the premium features. If you are the kind of person who writes every day and must check thousands of words without worrying about the bill, this could be your ideal choice. By investing $399 on purchasing the subscription, you get to use all the premium features without any disruption. 

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium Version

If you write an academic paper frequently, you realize how difficult it is to contain your article within 500 words. Although the free version gives you a short glimpse of a few things you get in the free version, it does not allow you to run your document with more than 500 words in the software.

If you have a one-day deadline for a 3000-word paper, you know how time-consuming it would be to run each 500 words through a grammar and style checking software. Let alone the time required to rectify the errors. 

ProWritingAid Coupon

ProWritingAid not only facilitates the writing process but also the purchase. With numerous discounts, your purchase will be more affordable. To get hold of these offers, add ProWritingAid Coupons while purchasing.

Get up to 67% off on a yearly plan and 20% off on your first purchase. Follow the instructions below, to get hold of these discount code:

  1. Select your desired ProWritingAid product
  2. Add the product to your cart.
  3. Go to the checkout page and search for the coupon field.
  4. Apply coupon code "WELCOME20"
  5. Check the total amount and see if the code has been activated.
  6. Complete your purchase.
ProWritingAid Coupon Code

Keeping education in mind, ProWritingAid provides 20% off for students. All you must do is visit ProWritingAid website and plug in your academic email. The discount will be sent to you in no time. In the case of Bulk-purchase, ProWritingAid offers discounts on the purchase of various licenses.

No of a license to purchase

Discount on Purchase







16 or more


With ProWritingAid, your writing would not be limited at least due to expense. 

How Does ProWritingAid Help You Improve Your Writing?

After being done with a piece of writing, every writer faces the arduous task of editing. It is during this phase that writers discover new ideas, identify grammatical errors, and construct more meaningful sentences.

Although it is for writers to deal with the creative part of the writing, ProWritingAid can deal with the mechanical part. You devise ideas and let ProWritingAid take care of your spellings and grammatical errors. Here are a few ways how this writing improvement tool can fix your writing errors. 

1. Increases Understandability

The purpose of any writing is to communicate with readers. Therefore, readability becomes an issue of importance. Sometimes, writers are verbose in the pursuit of writing fancy words and sentences. Therefore, sacrificing readability. ProWritingAid resolved this issue by marking the paragraphs that are difficult to read. It removes words that do not add meanings to the content making your writing precise. 

2. Removes Overused Words

Sometimes, writers are lost for words. Sometimes, a word fascinates them. In either case, the writer ends up using the words repeatedly. These overused words make the writing mundane. To prevent you from making this lousy mistake, ProWritingAid identifies these words and highlights them. 

3. Identifies Repeated Words

Did you ever write a word twice while you tried to pen down your thoughts in a rush? Well, this experience is not unique to most writers. In such a case, ProWritingAid identifies the repeated words and removes it for you. Use the echoes report of this software to identify words and fragments within a few paragraphs.

Find the echoes report in the repeats section of this software toolbar. Using this echoes report, you can notice repeated words in the same paragraph that you might have missed on the flow of your writing. 

4. Fixes Inconsistencies

The first draft of writing might consist of inconsistency in Capitalization, spelling, ellipses or hyphenation. Open the editing tool and find the consistency report along with twelve other reports. When you click on the report, it would run all by itself and help you identify all the inconsistencies that exist in your writing. 

5. Offers Style Suggestions

ProWritingAid offers general, academic, business, technical, casual, web and scriptwriting style. Set your writing styles and get suggestions regarding the flow of your writing. It also gives you suggestions regarding the word choice based on which style you choose.

For instance, academic writing might consist of numerous uses of passive voice. However, in fiction writing, using too much passive voice would make your writing tedious. In this case, ProWritingAid advises you to change your passive voice into an active voice. 

6. Provides Sentence Variety Score

To keep the interest of the reader is the ultimate objective of any writer. Using long and short sentences, the writer can bring variation in the writing. The ProWritingAid uses standard deviation to detect sentence variation in your writing.

If the standard deviation is more, it would mean that your writing has more variation. Using this tool, you can bring variation in your writing according to your needs.  

7. Highlights Verbose Sentences

The average ideal length for a sentence is 11-18 words. This means that if your sentence exceeds 18 words, it could be termed as tediously lengthy. Using the score provided in ProWritingAid, you can identify and rectify such sentences. 

8. Uses a Graph

 ProWritingAid shows you the length of the sentences in your entire writing. Using the graph, you can identify which part of writing demands more variety. 

9. Provides a Report on Sticky Sentences

A sticky sentence might include too many working words and glue words. New to these concepts? Let us look at what these words mean.

A working word contains the most important information about writing. Without these words, the sentence disintegrates. On the other hand, glue words are those that maintain coherence in a sentence but do not contribute any significance. Too many glue words would contribute to a sticky sentence. Other factors contribute to sticky sentences, such as:

  • Excessively complicated sentences
  • Putting important information later in the sentence
  • Too much information in one sentence
  • Using non-related information

The glue index measures how sticky your sentence is. The higher the score, the stickier your sentence is. Lower your glue index score by rewriting your sticky sentences. A score of 15-30% is good enough. 

ProWritingAid Blog

The ProWritingAid blog is a medium to help emerging writers with their writing irrespective of their niches. The blog is separated into 7 categories which are:

  • The Writing Process
  • Blogging and Content Writing
  • Grammar Rules
  • Business Writing
  • Writing Apps
  • How to Use ProWritingAid
  • ProWritingAid in the Classroom

Each of these headlines consists of blogs to assist writers with different areas in their writing. 

ProWritingAid Resources

The resources of ProWritingAid include:

  • Word Explorer
  • Collocation Dictionary
  • Word Cloud Gallery
  • Writing Resources
  • Grammar Guide
  • Writing Techniques

1. Word Explorer

If you are stuck in the description, you can use the word explorer. When you write a word, it suggests the appropriate adjectives and verbs describe your word. 

2. Collocation Dictionary

The collocation dictionary of ProWritingAid brings common words found together. For instance, if you write coffee you will get a suggestion to write table, shop or mug after this word. It also provides:

  • Common noun collocation ( Example: Coffee shop)
  • Common verb collocation (Example: Sip coffee)
  • Common adjective collocation (Example: Hot coffee)
  • Common adverb collocation (Example: late coffee)
  • Common conjunction collocation (and, or, but)

The collocation dictionary of ProWritingAid was created by analyzing more than 1000 books. ProWritingAid offers the largest list of collocation.

3. Word Cloud Gallery

ProWritingAid consists of a word cloud gallery. A word cloud is an image that consists of words that are most frequently used in your writing. The more you use a word, the bigger and bolder that word would appear in your word cloud. Word cloud is available for fiction writers, copywriters, bloggers and academic writers.

4. Writing Resources

The writing resources of ProWritingAid consist of articles and blogs on the writing process to help emerging writers. Get tricks and tips of writing from the writing resources of ProWritingAid.

5. Grammar Guide

ProWritingAid consists of a grammar guide. So, if your grammar skills have gotten rusty or you want to learn new concepts, you can go through the grammar guide of ProWritingAid.

Under the grammar guide, there are basic grammar rules such as punctuation rules, mechanics, style and other techniques. Going through the list would enlighten you with concepts that you have never known. Now, get a stronger grasp on grammar with the grammar guide of ProWritingAid. 

6. Writing Techniques

Use the "writing techniques" section of ProWritingAid to improve the readability of your writing.  This section tells you everything about the writing style, grammar, spelling, sentence starts, sentence length and dialogues. In the writing style section, you can learn more about acronym inconsistency, pacing, passive voice, quote consistency and style improvement.

It also teaches you the beautiful method of "show; don't tell". The readability section is all about long phrases and paragraph readability. The grammar and spelling mistakes section discuss the grammar mistakes and spellings just like the name suggests.

In writing techniques, you will also learn about starting sentences with conjunctions. Sentence length, variety and long sentences are important in writing.

Therefore, the writing technique part does not miss that. Under the dialogue section there are rules related to dialogue tags, dialogue tags with adverbs and non-standard dialogue tags. In short, the writing technique section includes everything that is needed for a good piece of writing. 

Providing an elaborate report, blogs and resources, ProWritingAid does more than just identifying the errors. It proves to be your coach. The summary report disintegrates each part of your writing while limiting your option of editing. It makes you read and forces you to contemplate on your mistakes. It provides a score out of 100 based on your grammar, spelling, terminology, and style.

Do not despair if you end up with a lower score than you expected because it also provides you with suggestions on how to improve your score; hence, your overall writing.

These reports eradicate words that do not contribute any significant meaning to your writing, change passive voice to active voice (to make your writing user-friendly), shed light on hidden verbs, repeated sentence structure, glue words, etc.

Comment on the readability and overused words would provide you with more clarity in your writing and help you expand your vocabulary and improve your sentence structure.

These reports have links attached to them that lead to a webpage promoting grammatical thinking beyond these reports.

Note: The premium versions offer a 7-day free trial irrespective of which offer you purchase.

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly

Grammarly Review

Now that we have given you an account of the uses of ProWritingAid, let us provide you with a glimpse of Grammarly. It is at this point that we would start comparing between these two writing enhancement tools. 

For those who are not aware, Grammarly is a competitor to ProWritingAid established in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. It is a software that aids writers throughout the intimidating task of editing their writings. It provides many suggestions regarding grammar, vocabulary, writing styles and sentence arrangements.

You can run your writing through the Grammarly website or download the app on your android phone and computer. Just like ProWritingAid, Grammarly is also available in Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Whether you are putting a status on Facebook or writing a professional email, Grammarly would pull you out of any embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes by highlighting the mistakes in red. The free version of Grammarly would provide you with suitable word suggestions and spelling errors.

Although it would show you the errors in your sentence construction or punctuation, it would not necessarily pinpoint the problem for you in the free version. To get the entire service, you might have to switch to its premium version. 

Like ProWritingAid, Grammarly allows you to add entries to your dictionary. Furthermore, it identifies spelling errors, overuse of the passive voice, punctuation errors, verbosity in a sentence, repetition and confusing prepositions and marks them. Grammarly is compatible with MS Word, Outlook, and Google Chrome. It also allows you to check plagiarism. These features are identical to both Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

To get access to all the features, you must purchase the premium version of both this software. So, how do you choose one during your purchase?  To help you choose between the two, let us present you with the differences between the two. 


ProWritingAid comes with more features than Grammarly. Grammarly checks spellings, punctuations, repetitive words, and many other aspects. On the other, ProWritingAid includes all these features including dialogue checks.

Comparison between the features:

Key Features

Checks Grammar

Checks Spellings

Checks Punctuation

Contextual Thesaurus report

Checks Plagiarism

Style Suggestions based on context


Identifies weak adjectives

Identifies repetitive words

Checks Dialogue

Detects tone

Provides Variety in word and sentences

Style Suggestions

Identifies fragments

Provides report

Winner: ProWritingAid


When it comes to suggestions, ProWritingAid offers more recommendations on how to improve your writing compared to Grammarly. 

Winner: ProWritingAid

Design and interface

ProWritingAid does not have a clear interface. Therefore, some people might find it difficult to use. On the other hand, the interface of Grammarly is clean.

Winner: Grammarly

Wider Writing Style

When it comes to writing styles, ProWritingAid offers a wider style compared to Grammarly. For instance, Grammarly is apt for non-fiction writings, whereas ProWritingAid is suitable for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

ProWritingAid aid identifies all sorts of errors and provides an elaborate report on each of the problems. By solving the problems from the root, this software restricts writers from making a similar mistake twice. 

Winner: ProWritingAid

Free Version

The free version of ProWritingAid provides you with potential improvements in your writing. On the other hand, the free version Grammarly is just suitable for checking basic spelling and grammar errors.

Winner: ProWritingAid

Subscription Plans

ProWritingAid has a more affordable subscription plan. The monthly subscription of ProWritingAid is $20/month. On the other hand, you need to pay $29.95/month to purchase Grammarly. The annual subscription of ProWritingAid charges you $79 a year (that is, $6.58/month), whereas Grammarly charges you $139.95 a year (that is, $11.66/month).

Apart from this, Grammarly does not have a life-time payment, unlike ProWritingAid which charges you $399 for a lifetime subscription. These subscription plans reduce with the ProWritingAid Coupon that offers you discounts on different subscriptions.
















Winner: ProWritingAid

Comparison between subscription plans:


Grammarly is available on Android, Mac, and iOS phones for both the free and Premium version whereas ProWritingAid does not come with that any mobile app.

Winner: Grammarly

Support from Customer Care

The technical difficulty might arise anywhere and anytime. To help you resolve these issues, both ProWritingAid and Grammarly provide customer care services. In this section, we are going to review which one is more active when it comes to the problems of their customers. 

To get in touch with the ProWritingAid team, all you must do is send them an email mentioning your problems. They have a maximum response time of 48 hours. Therefore, you have your problem solved within this period. Before sending an email, they encourage you to go through their FAQ page where you would discover articles regarding different technical issues and how to resolve them.

You can also contact them through their "Contact Us" page. The ProWritingAid support team is available from Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. GMT.

On the other hand, Grammarly provides a service for the entire day throughout the whole week. All you must do is submit a contact form or send an email. Apart from that, you can visit their help center to find the answers to your queries.

Now, they do not have a maximum response time mentioned which means it might take them forever to respond to your problems.

Therefore, ProWritingAid gives more support to customers compared to Grammarly.

Winner: ProWritingAid

Feedback on Writing

Writers constantly need to improve their writing styles and choice of words. Running the manuscript through a writing enhancement tool without understanding the core of their problems does not bring much benefit to the writer. In this regard, ProWritingAid is way ahead in the game than Grammarly with their complete report on your writing.

ProWritingAid acts as a personal mentor. It offers you with 20 extensive reports for improvements based on your writing. Analyzing these reports provided by ProWritingAid would bring clarity and improvement in your writing.

Winner: ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid offers more accuracy compared to Grammarly. However, how much accuracy a writer wants would be entirely up to them. Writing enhancement tools usually sucks out all the beauty out of the writing by making it more technical. Writers sometimes use passive voice or long sentences to create certain effects.

Seeing red underlines beneath your favorite line can be frustrating. In the hands of a wise writer, these tools can be handy. However, in the hands of a newbie, these tools might prove to be disastrous. Therefore, how much accuracy and suggestion a writer wants would depend on what they are willing to write. So, choosing a winner in terms of accuracy is not possible.

Winner: ProWritingAid

Free Trial

ProWritingAid aid offers a 14-day free trial and refunds your money if you are not satisfied with their service. On the contrary, Grammarly does not offer a free trial.

Winner: ProWritingAid

The Ultimate Verdict

After comparing the features, compatibility with devices, support for customers and subscription plans, we are positive that ProWritingAid is more suitable in many aspects than Grammarly. If you are intending to become a better writer, ProWritingAid is the perfect way to go.

Offers a 14- day free trial and refunds money.

No such trial is available

Has some additional feature

Features are identical to ProWritingAid

Ideal for both fiction and non-fiction writing

Ideal for only non-fiction writing

Provides an  elaborate report on errors

Only highlights the errors but do not provide any explanation

More option available in a free trial

Provides only basic spelling and grammar errors

Not available on Mac

Available on Mac, Android, and iOS

Works with Scrivener

Does not work with Scrivener

Lifetime subscription is available

A lifetime subscription is not available

ProWritingAid vs Autocrit


We are going to make a comparison between ProWritingAid and Autocrit to help you choose the ideal writing enhancement tool. 

Autocrit is a self-editing platform that allows its user to check their writings all by themselves. However, Autocrit is useful only for fictional writers. If you are a fictional writer, all you must do is run your manuscript through this software and select the genre you are writing. Whether it is a mystery, suspense, romance, or spirituality, Autocrit has all the features right in its grip.

Autocrit analyses sentence structure, word choice, tone and flow of writing to give you authentic feedback on the way you are progressing your writing. Autocrit is compatible with Mac, PC and even mobile phone. Just like ProWritingAid and Grammarly, Autocrit also helps you identify repetition, overuse of words and adverbs, grammatical errors, cliches and spelling mistakes. It also identifies the run-on sentences in your writing.

The most attractive feature of Autocrit compared to other grammar and spelling correction software is that it compares your fiction writing against published writing. It also recommends steps that would make your writing attractive to agents with the Writer's Library. Using this, you can also improve your writing.


A writing and editing software must have more integrations than any other software out there. Copying 6000 words from one software to another can be incredibly time-consuming. 

ProWritingAid is available in Microsoft Word and Windows. ProWritingAid browser extension allows you to write flawlessly in writing websites such as Gmail, WordPress and Facebook in Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. ProWritingAid can also be used in Google Docs. ProWritingAid is compatible with various formats such as Scrivener, Rich Text and HTML.

On the contrary, Autocrit does not have such wide integration options. Therefore, it might limit users from wider use.

Winner: ProWritingAid

Word Limit in Free Version

The free version of ProWritingAid does not allow users to scan more than 500 words. On the other hand, Autocrit has no word limit. Therefore, you can edit and write as much as you like. Also, it is hassle-free.

Winner: AutoCrit


One of the biggest advantages of ProWritingAid is its subscription plans. It offers wider features at an affordable price. On the other hand, Autocrit has an expensive subscription. To buy its subscription, you need to pay $30/month and $297/year.

Considering that this grammar and style editing tool is only ideal for fiction writers and limit non-fiction writers, this subscription is a bit costly.

Comparison between the prices: ProWriting vs Autocrit













Winner: ProWritingAid

Reports in ProWritingAid vs Autocrit

Now, let us compare the things that ProWritingAid and Autocrit do:

Provides a report on writing style

Checks Dialogue

The House Style Check

Checks the flow of writing

The Combo Check

Compare your writing with writings of published writers

Checks eloquence

Checks for repetition

Checks complex words

Identifies strong writing

Extra features offered by ProWritingAid:

  • Checks Acronym
  • Checks Homonym
  • Provides an alliteration report
  • Checks diction
  • Thesaurus check
  • Checks vague and abstract words
  • Provides Sensory check
  • Checks dialogue tags
  • Checks the flow of writing
  • Keeps consistency
  • Provides a report on sentence length
  • Provides pronoun report
  • Provides transition report
  • Checks repetition
  • Identifies overused words
  • Provides a report on sticky sentences
  • Identifies clichés and redundancies
  • Checks spellings
  • Checks plagiarism

From this comparison, you can easily see that ProWritingAid provides more reports than Autocrit.

Winner: ProWritingAid

Final Verdict

Offers a wide integration

Does offer much integration options

Subscription is affordable

Subscription is expensive

Compatible with Scrivener

Is not compatible with Scrivener

Provides elaborate reports

Provides limited reports

Suitable for both fiction and non-fiction writers

Suitable for only fictional writers

Can only scan 500 words at once in free version

Offers to scan of unlimited words in free version

Checks Plagiarism

It does not check plagiarism

If you are a versatile writer who does not want to stick strictly to fictional writing, you should choose ProWritingAid as it offers more flexibility than Autocrit.

Although Autocrit is ideal for niche writers, it is more expensive compared to ProWritingAid. Therefore, our vote goes for ProWritingAid. 

ProWritingAid Review Summary


  • Provides insightful reports
  • Supports Scrivener document
  • Affordable than any other grammar and style checking tools in the market
  • Best for fiction writing
  • No word-count is limited
  • Offers you over 20 reports
  • Includes a life-time purchase offer


  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Requires an internet connection
  • Not available on Android or iOS phones

Final Thoughts

In our ProWritingAid review, we tried to provide an accurate representation of ProWritingAid. In this review, we explained various features of this grammar and style checking tool, the pros, and cons of using it, the available subscriptions, comparison between those subscriptions and comparison between ProWritingAid and other grammar and Style checking tools.

A countless number of comparisons could be made between ProWritingAid and other grammar checking software. Our purpose of this review is to provide you with an unbiased review on how this software works compared to its competitors. If you are short in cash but want software with numerous features, ProWritingAid might be an excellent choice.

It is versatile and comes with various options of subscription plans Apart from that if you want to become a better writer, you could take a review of your writing from ProWritingAid.

Moreover, it would provide you with an overall score and an elaborate report. This report would help you to solve all your writing problems from within rather than solving it temporarily for one piece of writing.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, your choice must depend on your requirements and budget.

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