How to Build a Portfolio Website Design for Under $200

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If you are a freelancer or work with clients, having a portfolio website is crucial. It will help you showcase your work and tell potential clients what you can do for them, thus, eventually bringing in more clients. 

If you do not have a portfolio website or have a bad portfolio website design, you could be actually losing clients and opportunities. The good news is getting a well-designed portfolio website is not as expensive as it used to be anymore. 

 In the past, you would need to hire a web designer or have technical and coding knowledge to build a website. That can take time and most importantly be very expensive. 

That is why in this guide we will tell you how to build a portfolio website design for under $200 and get a great portfolio website design. The best part of it all, you do not need any technical or coding expertise to do it. 

You can do it in three simple steps:

  1. Get a Beautiful Theme
  2. Domain Name and Hosting 
  3. Hiring a Freelancer to Design the Website

How to Build a Portfolio Website Design for Under $200

Your portfolio website acts as a showcase for your work and your skills. Its primary objective is to communicate the value you can bring to your clients.

And one of the best ways to do this to have a great landing page. The first step of building a great portfolio website design is having a beautiful theme.  

Step 1: Get a Beautiful Theme

The design of the website for something like a portfolio or any site for that matter is crucial. As they say, the first impression is important. On the internet where your clients have a ton of options to choose from, you need to hook them in right from the gate.

Traditionally to create a stunning design you would need to hire a web designer or have knowledge of coding and CSS. Fast forward a couple of years to today, and you’ll see that is not the case anymore. You can get a professional-looking, beautifully functional website designed with the use of themes.

Divi Theme is one of the most popular custom themes for WordPress. It has a lot of easy to use features that are great for designing a site without the need for coding. 

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.


We love the custom tools it offers. You can drag and drop elements, edit text inline and more. The highlighting features it has are:

Drag and Drop Elements: with the drag and drop functionality, you can simply pick up an element and drop it where you like. It really is as simple as that. It is super intuitive and makes designing a perfect portfolio website a breeze. 

You do not need to go in digging into the code or know any front-end website design to get your site up and running. Simply drag and drop and get your site ready to launch (after you get hosting and hire a designer, of course, but more on that a bit later).

You can put a call-to-action to element to increase visitor conversion rates as well.  There are many elements to choose from as well. You can include a sign-up element for any newsletter you want to push out to former clients and more.

Design Options Galore: A theme’s main grab is its design options. Fortunately, Divi has a lot of them. It gives you full creative control on the final look of the site without much CSS or other coding knowledge. 

Your portfolio website design needs to have a consistent tone and design language to represent your brand. That is why we love custom design tools. You can see the changes you make instantly and preview them.  

If you do not happen to like it, simply click the undo button and revert back to a clean slate and start fresh. For someone looking for creative control over their website, the Divi theme truly is a great option.  

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile is a big part of the internet. Whether you are using social media channels to market your services, chances are most people visiting your site will use a mobile device.

When designing a portfolio website for modern times, you simply cannot afford to ignore mobile. Do not worry though; Divi has you covered on that aspect as well.

Divi's design tools let you preview how your site will look on mobile and other screen sizes. This way you can fine-tune the experience on different screen sizes including mobile. 

Mobile internet usage has seen a huge jump in adoption as network speeds get better and devices get more powerful. The convenience of mobile offers is quite intriguing. Optimizing for mobile as well as desktop and laptop computers is certainly the way to go. 

Custom CSS: For someone with technical expertise, coding knowledge and who likes tinkering, Divi’s custom CSS support means you use your own CSS with its visual design controls seamlessly. 

The theme does not limit you with the pre-loaded offering which makes it a truly customizable option for most people. 

Another cool feature to look into is the pre-made templates. These templates are high-quality and ready to be used. It seamlessly integrates with your theme and is functional as well with a consistent design theme. 

You do not need to create anything from scratch thanks to Divi’s layout marketplace.

There are a lot of templates for a portfolio page too. If you want a simple portfolio page, check out this generic one. It has a professional theme that looks inviting. 

Simple Portfolio Page

 If you offer design services, this design agency portfolio layout should come in really handy. Check out the focus on showcasing the work that has been done.

The designs and past works are the center of attention – which is exactly where it should be. 

Step 2: Domain Name and Hosting 

A stellar design is not all a website needs. You will need hosting to enable visitors to come to your site. On top of that, a domain name as well. Hosting acts like a real estate for your site on the internet. 

You pay a monthly or annual fee to a hosting provider to get your site hosted on their servers. You can even get a domain name (for free in most cases) when you sign up with a hosting provider.

For reliable hosting we recommend HostPapa hosting. They have great plans for unlimited hosting with tons of consumer-friendly features.

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


Fast Load Times: A great portfolio website design is wasted if your website does not load fast enough. On top of that, a slow website creates a bad user experience for your visitors.  

This may lead them to bounce off and lower your SEO rankings. HostPapa’s servers deliver you with fast loading times that are on par with industry standards to ensure your visitors have a good time overall. 

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: For a portfolio site, you will need loads of images and media to showcase your work. Having an unlimited plan that gives you unlimited storage is very important. HostPapa has two unlimited plan tiers. On top of that, you also get unmetered bandwidth. 

Unmetered bandwidth helps future-proofing your site. As you grow and your site's demands increase, you will need more resources. This is where an unlimited bandwidth comes in handy. 

Free Domain Name: All of HostPapa’s hosting plans feature a free domain name. This means you do not need to deal with a separate domain registrar for a domain name. 

Big on Encryption: HostPapa is also very security concerned. It uses industry-standard SSL encryption for its security infrastructure that will keep your and your visitor's data safe.

HostPapa has three tiers with varying prices. You can simply use our link to get a whopping 63% discount on your plan with prices that start as low as just $2.95/month. 

Step 3: Hiring a Freelancer to Design the Website

After you have a direction with the design and hosting, you would need someone to actually build the site and buy hosting for you. For that, you can use

Fiverr is possibly the biggest marketplace in the world to hire talented freelancers at a rock-bottom price of as low as $5.


Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelancing marketplace with a pool of talented freelancers all across the world.  

There are web designers with extensive experiences and skill-set that can help you get a portfolio website design up and running easily. 

If you need other services such as copy for your portfolio site, Fiverr has copywriters and various sellers with a wide range of expertise that will come in handy. 

The site has a robust review and seller level system which helps you gauge the experience of the freelancer as well.

You can ask to see previous work samples if you really want to be sure about the quality of the work. The prices are also very competitive. You can hire freelancers for as low as $50.


Getting a portfolio website design is much easier in today's time compared to that of the past.

There are many tools like Divi Themes, easy hosting and also the ability to hire experienced freelancers to design the actual site. So, what are you waiting for?

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