How to Build A Photography Website for Under $200

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Photography requires creativity, passion and a good understanding of the fundamentals that make the difference between a pro photographer and a hobbyist.

However, if people cannot find your great work or contact you, the amazing photos you are taking right now might just be wasted. This is why you need an exceptional photography website.

A good website for your photography is crucial to show off your portfolio and will help you get more clients and leads. 

Whether you are a pro photographer or an enthusiast looking to share your snaps with the world, this article will guide you on everything you need to know about photography website design and how to build a photography website for under $200

Traditionally designing and building a website was a task that required money and a lot of technical skills like coding.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, that is not the case anymore. So how do you do it? Let us get started. 

How To Build A Photography Website for Under $200

To make a stunning photography website, you would need the site to do things. It has to have functionality and stunning design.

The design aspect for a creative endeavor like photography where aesthetic plays such a crucial role is very important. 

Here is the good news, you can build a great website and get a gorgeous photography website design in three simple steps. 

  1. Get a Beautiful Theme and Design 
  2. Sort Out Great Hosting and a Domain Name 
  3. Hire Talented freelancers from Fiverr to Design and Build the Website

Step 1: Get a Beautiful Theme and Design

The design of your website is one of the most important aspects of it. A photography website design should highlight your specific brand of photography and put your talents front and center for all to see. 

 In the olden days, website designs were done by a website designer who had extensive coding knowledge. Gladly that is not the case anymore.

You can set up a fantastic looking website for almost any category with high-quality themes and pre-made templates. 

Divi Theme is an elegant and customizable theme that has a ton of design features that are fun and easy to use.

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.


This theme lets you create a stunning looking website very quickly. And the best part of it all is that it does not require any coding or technical knowledge.

It is a custom theme for WordPress. With a ton of easy to use features.

Divi Theme’s feature focuses on ease and functionality to help you make stunning photography website designs with no need for coding.

Divi Theme Features

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface: A simple drag and drop interface makes it very easy to manipulate elements and lets you set up the site the way you like from start to finish. If you want to put your photography front and center you can do that. 

If you would rather have an about you page of your craft that is also an option with the customizer. Being able to simply take an element and drop at a place of your choosing means you do not need to know any coding whatsoever. 

Loads of Design Options: A theme lives and dies with its design options. Luckily Divi has real-time design editing. Any changes you make to your website’s design will show up instantly on your website.  

From here you can either choose to keep it or revert if you rather try out a different look. You can just press the undo button to revert.

Mobile-Friendly: Modern best practices of web design states that a proper website should also look great on screens of different sizes. People are using mobile devices to access the internet more and more. In fact, mobile traffic has seen a 222% rise over the last 7 years. 

With Divi Theme designer, you can see how your site would look on mobile along with desktops as well. So, no matter what device your clients and visitors use to visit your site, you give them a great experience. 

Custom CSS: If you can work with CSS and know coding to design a site, you can implement your custom CSS to personalize the style and design even further. This gives the more technical amongst you more control over how you want your photography website design to be. 

There are also pre-made templates that are ready to use. These templates will help you get your photography website up and running in no time. There are many categories to choose from as well.

For instance, you can make a Wedding Photography About Page to say something about yourself.

Wedding Photography About Page

Or even get a portfolio page to showcase your work. 

Step 2: Sort Out Great Hosting and a Domain Name

You will need hosting as well to launch your website. A hosting service will host your site on their servers. This is sort of like real-estate for websites. You pay a fee whether annually or monthly to get your website hosted. 

A good hosting service is very important for your website. You would want to make sure your website is always online. For this, you would need a reliable hosting infrastructure.  

A domain name would also be required, so your visitors can find you online. For top class reliable hosting, you can use HostPapa

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


It offers competitive prices with top-class features like security, unlimited bandwidth and storage.

HostPapa Hosting Features

Free Domain: If you register with HostPapa, you can avail of a free domain. This makes it easier for you since you do need to deal with a hosting company and a domain registrar separately. 

Fast Load Time: Fast loading times for a site will increase conversion rates and increases bounce rate. Low bounce rates also help you rank higher on search engines. This means the chances of you appearing as top searches on Google will likely increase as well.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: Depending on the plan you get, you can get unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage. You can use this to upload many photos for your portfolio as you like. 

Security and SSL: You will need a secure connection to the internet as well.  HostPapa has secure SSL encryption so both you and your visitors can be safe online. 

Enterprise Email: For more professionality, you get enterprise email service with your domain name.

HostPapa Hosting Pricing

HostPapa’s hosting services has three tiers. The cheapest package starts from $3.95/month for the ‘Starter’, $3.95/month for the ‘Business’ and $12.95/month for the ‘Business Pro’. Although we would recommend, you do not go with the lowest tier plan. 

It comes with a couple of restrictions, and also you do not get unmetered bandwidth with the ‘Starter’ pack. 

The mid-tier ‘Business’ is the best bang for the buck. You get unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth with the last two tiers.

We have some great news, though. You do not need to worry about these prices at all.

You can use this link to get a special 63% on HostPapa and start hosting your site for as low as $2.95/month. Or you can read our detailed HostPapa review for more information.

Step 3: Hire Talented freelancers from Fiverr to Design and Build the Website

Finally, you would need someone actually to design the website and build the site for you.  

Hiring a professional full-time web developer would cost a lot of money. You can have that done easier and cheaper without sacrificing the quality as well.

Fiverr is the largest freelance marketplace with a pool of talented web designers. You can hire talent from all over the world with costs as low as $50.

Fiverr is possibly the biggest marketplace in the world to hire talented freelancers at a rock-bottom price of as low as $5.


On top of that, the site also lets you see the seller levels and judge their work with previous gigs, so you know exactly what you are getting. On top of that, there is also a review system. Sellers and buyers can leave reviews for each other.

Check the reviews to see how experienced the freelancer is and gauge the quality of work you can expect.

Fiverr’s messaging features allow you to easily chat with freelancers and discuss the scope of the project. They can help you create a functional and beautiful theme for your photography website with Divi Themes and the pre-made layouts.

You can even hire copywriters to write effective copy from as well. All in all, every specialization you would need to get your website up and running can be found on Fiverr. 


Making a professional-looking photography website design is now easier than ever. The best part is not having to know code.

You can make a reliable and beautifully designed website easily that will help you get more clients and help your brand.

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