How To Build A Lawyer Website Design for Under $200

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When you are in a profession that is as sensitive and personal as a lawyer, having a website to put your best foot forward is extremely important. With a well-designed site, you can attract more clients to showcase your expertise as well.

A functional site will create authority too. Most people today go online and for information before making decisions. They also take word of mouth very seriously.

With a good lawyer website design, you can stand out from your competitors and also present what your expertise is in a single place with a good-looking theme. All that is fine, but you are probably wondering websites are expensive, and making also requires technical expertise. 

On the contrary, this article will give you a complete guide on how you can build a lawyer website design for under $200. There are just a couple of simple steps you need to follow. The best part of it all is you do not need any technical or front-end web design knowledge. 

The steps for building a functional and gorgeous website are: 

  1. Getting a Beautiful Theme
  2. Hosting and Domain 
  3. Hiring a Freelancer Web Designer from Fiverr

How to Build A Lawyer Website Design for Under $200?

When building a website, there are essentially three things you need to focus on—the design, hosting, and domain and, of course, hiring a web designer.

With the available modern tools, you can create a beautiful lawyer website design seamlessly without really having to know to code.  

As for hiring a designer, you can visit Fiverr – one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace, to hire a designer as well.

Let us take a deep dive into how these three can come together to create a stunning website for you. 

Step 1: Getting a Beautiful Theme 

The very first step is getting a professional-looking website design that is consistent and showcases your brand. You want the design to be modern and sleek, yet not be too clunky to make the visitor feel lost. 

A well-designed landing page or an ‘About Me’ page should highlight your strengths and core expertise as a lawyer.

That is where Divi Themes comes in.

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor.


It is one of the most popular WordPress themes. We love it for its customizability and the myriad of design options it gives you to create a stunning website. 

The best part of it all is it uses easy to use technology that makes the whole process seamless and fast – all without the need to know any coding. Some of Divi’s highlighting features are:

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface: You can use an easy drag and drop interface to place elements on the website wherever you would like. This makes designing a stunning website very easy, as well.

There is no need for you to deal with front-end web design or any coding. There are many elements you can choose from as well. It saves you time while designing and also money.

Divi Theme Features

Lots of Design Options: Divi Theme’s design options are extensive and, more importantly, very easy to use as well. With the customizability, you have the control of exactly how you want your site to look.

The included elements are well thought-out and functional. You can create an ‘About Me’ element or use a sign-up element and simply drag it where you want to place, and you are all done. 

It really is as simple as that. The ability to create a consistent looking design that can stay on brand is one of the things we love about Divi.

Mobile-Friendly: In this modern day and age, you simply cannot afford to ignore mobile users. Mobile internet usage has seen a lot of growth over the past years.

Divi’s design tools let you preview your site on different screen sizes. This way, you can optimize your site for both mobile and desktop users. 

Custom CSS: If you have technical skills in web design, you can incorporate some of your CSS with the visual design as well. The theme does not limit you only to its own designs. 

Another cool feature is the pre-made templates. These templates are super easy to use and make for a site that is both consistent and makes for a site that looks and feels professional throughout.

In the Divi layout marketplace, you can find complete pre-made layouts for ‘About Pages’ and other different elements as well.

Click here to check out this beautiful design. The design is minimal yet eye-catching. 

Bank About Page

Or even this contact page for paralegals. 

All in all, using Divi to design your lawyer website will be as easy and seamless as simply dragging the elements where you want to put it on the screen.

Step 2: Hosting and Domain 

From design, we move on to hosting and domains. You will need a domain name so that visitors can find you on the web. Also, a hosting plan will make sure your site loads faster and stays up when it needs to – which is always. 

All sites need to be hosted on the hosting provider’s servers so visitors can find your site and visit them. Although there are many website hosting services, all are not made equal.

We recommend HostPapa’s unlimited plans for reliable hosting. 

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


It has a lot of consumer-friendly features that will give you a complete package, all from hosting to a domain name as well. 

There are other features HostPapa offers, such as SSD storage, a starter site builder.

HostPapa Hosting Features 

Here are some of its key features:

Free Domain: All users of HostPapa get a free domain with the plan. So, you do not have to deal with the hassle of working with another domain registrar. Make s

Fast Loading Times: HostPapa’s performance has been very stable during our testing. The sites load consistently fast. A slow site can be very detrimental to your visitor’s experience.

Not only that, but a slow site also hampers your SEO rankings. Gladly HostPapa delivers reliable industry-standard load times. 

Unlimited Plans: HostPapa offers two unlimited plans for you to choose from. You get unlimited storage as well as unmetered bandwidth. This will come in quite handy as you increase monthly visitors, and your website starts to need more resources.

Secure Encrypted Connection: For your privacy and safety online, HostPapa uses strong SSL encryption. This keeps your site safe from any malicious attacks and protects your information. 

HostPapa offers three tiers for its hosting plan. You can get started with the ‘Starter plan for $3.95/month.

For unlimited plans, you can go with the ‘Business’ or ‘Business Pro’ plans. The cost for these comes to $3.95/month and $12.95/month, respectively.

We have better news for you, though. You can get all of HostPapa’s hosting features with our link.

Moreover, you even get a $63 discount on your plans with prices starting from just $2.95/month.

Step 3: Hiring a Freelancer Web Designer from Fiverr

Lastly, you will need someone to actually build you the site by using Divi’s themes and pre-made templates. 

To hire an experienced web designer, you can choose

Fiverr is possibly the biggest marketplace in the world to hire talented freelancers at a rock-bottom price of as low as $5.


Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelancing marketplace with a great pool of talented freelancers from across the world.  

The site is great for its review and seller level system. Both clients and freelancers can leave reviews. You can check the reviews to gauge the quality of the work you can expect from the freelance too. 

On top of that, the site has a robust built-in messaging feature where you can discuss the details about your project. If you sign up as a buyer, you can let sellers (freelancers) bid for your gig.

From there, you can choose the best match for your gig, which has the best experience and prices. Prices are affordable too. You can hire freelancers for $50!

That is not all, though. Fiverr is also great if you are looking for other skills. You can hire a copywriter to write a convincing and effective copy for your new website and maybe even a photographer for your website’s multimedia.

All in all, Fiverr is a great place to get started looking for designers. Since you can choose sellers based on price, it means you do not have to break the bank either.

Make sure to check the review on the freelancer’s profile and ask to see previous work or portfolio, though. 


Building a lawyer website design for under $200 is much a possibility.

Unlike back in the day where websites used to cost tons of money, time, and technical expertise, you can use these easy and effective steps to build a professional-looking website for your law practice.

There is no reason why a lawyer should not have a website in this connected era where everyone is online.

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