InVideo Review: An Easy Solution to All of Your Video Editing Problems

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Video editing can come across as very daunting for a lot of us. And when we are on a strict deadline, making a perfect video can often seem impossible due to the pressure that comes along with the ticking clock. To resolve these issues, we turn ourselves to video editors which can help us solve this problem easily. And one of the most recognized and used online video editing software is InVideo. Do you want to try out InVideo but don’t know whether or not it will be the best choice for you? Then follow this article on InVideo review.

InVideo is a video editing tool that you can use to create and edit videos for your presentation, social media content, blog videos, and many more. It is a useful tool, that helps content creators to create more immersive and beautiful content for their website, page, and account.

Now, if you planning on using InVideo as your online video editing tool then this is the article for you. Because in this article we will share our in-depth review of the InVideo video editor so that you can get a clear idea of what the tool will provide once you start using it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the review, shall we?

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video editing tool that you can use to edit and create videos from the ground up. You can use a huge library of premium and unique templates along with blank templates to create your videos. What’s more InVideo also allows you to turn the contents of your article into video content which allows you to make more engagement with your audience. 

The most interesting factor of InVideo is that you don’t need to have technical knowledge of video editing software beforehand to create an amazing video for yourself. The user interface of the online tool is helpful enough to guide a new user properly.

But if you want to go deeper into the editing tools, then you can always visit the YouTube page of InVideo where they have tutorials that break down every tool’s usage with proper demonstration. This guide is very useful if you want to create videos that give off a professional look when presenting them to the public.

InVideo Review: Features

InVideo comes with a lot of features to make your editing experience easy and to give the final output a professional finish. The features that you will encounter with InVideo review are:

A Huge Library of Pre-Made Templates

This is one of the biggest selling factors of InVideo as InVideo comes with 5000+ pre-made templates that suit all your different marketing and presentation aspects. All of the templates are unique and comes with a full customization option. You can edit the color scheme, font design, animations, transitions, and many more.

But a little downside with these templates is that you can’t mix multiple templates together. That being said, InVideo might just include this feature very soon.

Media Resources from the Best Libraries on the Internet

A good video or presentation requires a great number of external media that you want to add on. And with InVideo that can be done within a matter of seconds. InVideo is connected with a few of the biggest and the best media resources platforms like Shutterstock, Pexels, Pixabay, iStock, and many more. So, in total, you will have access to more than 9 million-plus media content from the internet. So, you can be assured of the fact that you will never have to worry about media resources ever! 

Turn Your Article into Videos

One of the most important features of InVideo is that it allows you to turn your blogs and articles into videos. This is very useful if you want to give more depth into your blogs and articles because a lot of online users rather listen & see a video than go through an entire article or blog post. 

And turning your articles into videos can be a great marketing tool, to say the least.

User-Friendly Audio Tools

One of the biggest problems that people face with online video editors is the fact that the audio editor is either very simple and can’t really enhance the audio you have for the video or is very complex that a new user will have to go through hours number of tutorials before figuring it out completely.

But with InVideo you don’t have to worry about that problem because the audio tools added in InVideo have a simple interface but get the job done properly. From audio cropping to mixing, you will find every feature in InVideo’s audio tool.

Speed Adjustment & Speed Merge Feature

If you want to add slow motion to your videos then InVideo has your back. Proving a point is necessary for marketing and advertisement videos and sometimes you might need to use slow zoom in or zoom out to do that. Along with that, in order to make your videos smoother, InVideo also includes a speed merge feature that allows your videos to run at an optimal speed so that your speed adjustment doesn’t seem out of order or hasty.

Video Format Depending on Platform

This is another nifty feature that makes InVideo one of the best in the business. This platform can automatically format your videos depending on the web platform you are posting them. So, you don’t have to worry about changing your video’s resolution or framerate every time you want to post it on different media platforms.

You can also connect your social media accounts and have the auto-post feature enable. This will allow you to directly post the video once it is done processing. This can be very helpful if you want to be more efficient with your content creation and posting. You can also schedule the posting time if you want to. 

Fonts & Quotes

InVideo promotes a large array of fonts for you to choose from. And this opens up a lot of ideas for videos. Because using the perfect fonts at the appropriate time guarantees a much more interactive video for your audience.

And not only that but you can also opt for quotes from InVideo. As InVideo’s library hosts a good selection of quotes depending on your preference. Just hit the search bar with the words related to your video and you will find a good number of quotes for yourself.

No Restriction with Languages

A common issue for a lot of online video editors is that they don’t have multiple language options. And even if they do, those are limited to the popular ones. But InVideo doesn’t do such a thing. Instead, they offer up to 70 languages for you to choose from.

And this opens a huge door of ideas and opportunities for people as now they can use their native languages. And due to this fact, InVideo is not only popular in the native English countries but also is adored by people all across the globe.

Visual Effects & Animations

Video software is known for its visual effects and animations department. And InVideo doesn’t disappoint here at all. You can get visual effects depending on your templates or from the library and there are tons of visual effects for you to choose from.

And the same goes for animations. InVideo provides a one-click animation feature where you can add your preferred animations with just one click. You don’t need to follow any complicated process. Just tap and you are done. It’s that simple.

Complete Timeline Control

While this is exclusive to dedicated video software. InVideo brings it to online video editors. So, unlike the other online video editors, you don’t have to worry about restarting if you misplace something in your editing timeline. Because you can simply drag and drop with InVideo. Meaning you will have complete control over your video’s editing timeline.

Enhanced Background Remover

Removing background from your video and adding something great to replace it can make a bland video exciting and attractive at the same time. And with InVideo that can be done with simple input. Just select the parts that you want to be removed then press ok and you will be good to go. And for adding a background that suits your video perfectly, just visit the library and you will find a huge library to choose your backdrop from.

Logo Integration

While many online video editors opt for adding logos from your directory or not at all. InVideo offers a complete feature that is used to integrate logos specifically on your videos. And this integration just doesn’t mean adding it as a PNG. While you can do that, this feature also allows you to add your logos with transition, animations, and a lot more.

Complete Reseller Right

Now, this is quite common for online paid video editors. But that being said, InVideo won’t claim any rights regarding the videos you make using the tool nor for the templates or media, you have used. Even if you use those media for different purposes. Once you claim something for yourself, it becomes your property when it comes to InVideo’s reseller rights.

InVideo Review: Pricing

There are two pricing options for InVideo in general and you can go for either annually or monthly option with them. But they do provide a trial option so that possible buyers can check out the platform and the tool they will be paying for. 

The free trial consists of 60 exported videos with the watermark of InVideo on them. The video duration will be for 15 mins only. Users will still be able to access templates up to 5000 with full access to the standard library of media.

The standard or business package for InVideo is 15 USD per month or 180 USD yearly. In this package, users will be able to access InVideo’s libraries and will be able to use 10 premium stock photos & videos from iStock. Users will be able to export 60 HD videos per month with this package. Along with everything included in the free plan and also access to 1 million-plus premium media content. 

For unlimited access to all the libraries, templates and exports then you will have to go with the premium package for 60 USD per month or 360 USD if you are going with the annual payment plan. The users will receive all the benefits from the business package along with 120 iStock media per month.

The pricing of InVideo is moderate pricing that isn’t cheap but at the same time not quite budget-friendly. But that being said, if you look at the number of features the tool provides the pricing doesn’t seem irrational at all.

InVideo Review: Pros and Cons

Like every online editing platform, InVideo has some pros along with some cons implanted with it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages in InVideo review that a user might come across.

Pros of InVideo are:

  • Access to five thousand plus templates with customization & colorization option
  • Simple and comfortable user interface 
  • More than 9 million of media content that one can use to enhance and customize their videos 
  • Media subscriptions to iStock, Pexels, Shutterstock, Pixabay, and a few more
  • Option to turn articles and blogs into videos
  • Good audio editing tools and interface
  • Custom audio contents 
  • Speed adjustment for making presentations more appealing with speed merging feature that allows the users to integrate speed adjustments without any issues.
  • Automatic video format changes depending on the platform the video is being posted
  • Provides 70 languages for users of different tongues
  • Gives complete control over the video editing timeline
  • Enhanced background removal and replacement
  • Logo integration with complete reseller rights
  • Can use one’s own videos and tweets to create a video 
  • No restrictions or claims on your created content 
  • Option to use the media library for other purposes besides video editing
  • Has a YouTube page that contains loads of tutorial videos regarding how to use the online video editing tool

The cons of InVideo are:

  • Don’t have the option to add multiple templates and slides together, once you pick a template you are stuck with it
  • Scene’s limit is up to 50, so for longer videos that becomes a hassle
  • Preview and exporting consume a lot of time, but that being said, internet connection and speed play a huge factor in this scenario.
  • Changing formats undo every change you have made until now

Final Verdict

Overall, InVideo is a great video editing platform that allows the user to create sophisticated and attractive videos in minutes. It is very beginner-friendly and has great support from the staff. So, we suggest InVideo for you in our article on InVideo review, if you are looking for a simple yet well-performing online video editing tool for yourself. 

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