How to Solve Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

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It would be impossible for players to not run into error or bugs when playing a game, even if it was made by the most advanced and popular game designers and programmers.

Even the Triple-A games run into similar struggles and errors as any other indie games. But they do a better job at giving off the impression of being glitch-proof. The same goes for the popular first person shooting game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, where players may face Warfare Dev Error 6068. 

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About the Error

How to Solve Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068


This error doesn’t let you launch the game and it mostly appears when you press “Play” through the or sometimes even after around 10 minutes into the game. Modern Warfare stops responding and sends you back to your desktop while it shuts itself down in the meantime.

However, there are some people who have reported that the issue was solved after a GPU and PC drivers update to the most recent versions, but sometimes it can still linger on.

Fixing the “dev error 6068” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you have already made sure your drivers are all up to date or you still run into the error after updating them, then the problem is most likely in your game files.

Many of the fixes do indicate that the problem is likely to be memory-related. Here are some methods you can use to fix this error.

Change Video Memory Scale Values in the Game Folder

The Video Memory Scale is used to alter the amount of VRAM the game needs, which can only be altered through the system files.

Open the folder that says “Players” which can be found at “Documents/Call of Duty Modern Warfare.”

Locate a file called "adv_options.ini” and run it with the notepad application so you can change the values inside. Look for the line “VideoMemoryScale” and it should say 0.85 and change it to either 0.55 or 0.5.

The new changes will give some room to your system some room to breathe since your Modern Warfare will use a lot less VRAM than it used to.

Use DirectX 11 to Force Run the Game

While the new most robust and latest API for gaming is DirectX 12, it doesn’t mean it’s better. Due to insufficient hardware or corrupted update files, some systems still run into error with DirectX 12. 

To force run Modern Warfare on DirectX12, you need to:

  • Go into Battle.Net launcher 
  • Select Options from the top left corner of the launcher 
  • From the drop down menu, click on “Game Settings”
  • Locate Modern Warfare when you’re in the Game Settings and check mark the “Additional Command Line Arguments”
  • A text box will pop up below it, type “-d3d11” without the quotation marks in there

If the error pops up the moment you launch the game, this fix should at least make things easy till the main menu.

Turn off anything in the background and lower the graphics settings

How to Solve Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

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Even though Activision hasn’t commented anything on it, a lot of community reports have pointed out that this error mostly comes in when the system is under heavy load. Anything that is resource hungry running in the background and in-game play, push the systems to the limits.

Decrease your settings to low in your Modern Warfare graphical settings, we suggest you take it all the way down to check if the issue is being caused by your graphical settings. You’ll see ray tracing here, we strongly suggest turning it off even if you have a capable graphics card for it. The current version just puts a lot of stress on your system.

Just remember to turn any CPU or GPU related applications that may be running in the background, even if it is just a tab in the browser. If even with low settings you run into errors, try some other solutions.

Turn your graphics card into high performance mode

Graphics are there to give you the best visual experience possible. In the heat of the moment of competitive gameplay, it may be hard to notice their finer details, but forcing your card to provide you the best performance over quality might help with this issue.

The process is different for both AMD and NVIDIA cards but before starting make sure your drivers are all up to date for your GPU. 

For AMD Cards

  1. Go into control center or AMD Radeon settings
  2. Go into preferences and then Radeon Additional Settings
  3. Select Switchable Graphics Global Settings after expanding the Power section
  4. Click on Apply after selecting High Performance for the Graphic Setting

For NVIDIA Cards

  1. Launch the NVIDIA control panel
  2. Go into “Adjust image settings with preview”
  3. Move the slider from left to right after clicking on “Use my preference emphasizing”

Get a RAM Upgrade

Even though a small number of people have actually confirmed upgrading their work for them to fix the error, it may be a good bet if nothing else worked for you. The common thing among them was that they all used RAMs that were setup at a frequency below 3000 MHz.

If you are using a similar RAM as well we suggest you upgrade your RAM sticks to ones that are setup to be over at least 3200 MHz. Since there isn’t really a guarantee that this will work, if you don’t want to spend the extra buck you can borrow a friend’s RAM to check.

How to Solve Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

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Contact the Activision Support

If none of the methods work for you then maybe it’s time for you to list your problems down to the Activision support teams. The people working on your case will definitely be able to get to the bottom of this and fix it for you.

Final Words

Every game has a few bugs here and there, but it’s nothing to be too nervous about, almost anything can be fixed with a slight effort. These are some of the easy ways to remove the error. Hopefully one of them does the trick for you!

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