HostPapa Review: Perfect Hosting for Small Businesses and Websites

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In the modern day and age, businesses are becoming more and more web based. Whether it’s an online business or a physical business that is trying to grow its online presence, having a website can be a game changer in terms of marketing and sales growth.

There are lots of website builders and hosting platforms available on the internet. Most of these are big platforms charge ridiculous amounts of money for domain hosting. You need a high quality hosting platform with a reasonable subscription fee that will not break the bank.

If your hosting needs are simple, we have the perfect solution for you. HostPapa is an amazing website builder and hosting platform. And with this offer CredBrands, you can get an even better deal on the pricing plans.

In this article we will be sharing our honest HostPapa review and show you the prices CredBrands is offering you. 

HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.


So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

HostPapa Review

1. About

HostPapa is an independent Canadian web hosting company that is slightly different from most web hosting giants. It focuses on providing maximum support for its users and promote sustainable business practices with green hosting.

HostPapa officially started its journey in 2006, and has grown to host over five hundred thousand websites ever since. However, according to a website called builtwith, the number of websites hosted by Hostpapa is nearly two hundred thousand.

HostPapa is a full service company that offers purchasing domains, building websites and hosting them. It should be noted that, the company does not offer dedicated server hosting to each customer, where you have control over your own hardware. 

Instead of a dedicated server, customers get to use a common shared and virtual private server hosting. The company also offers reseller service.

Hostpapa is simple and secure, and is perfect for people who do not have any outrageous requirements from their web host.

You get what you need, and you get to make the most out of your resources. The prices are considerably cheap with respect to the features you get with each plan.

2. Reliability and Performance

You need a hosting platform that will ensure maximum uptime and the least amount of errors. Expecting a company to have 100 percent uptime is unrealistic, as issues do occur especially on the internet, and maintenance is required from time to time.

Nonetheless, you should go for a company that provides an uptime as perfect as possible.

Hostpapa has a fairly standard uptime at 99.97%, which is an impressive number. A 99.97% uptime equates to less than three hours of downtime a year. That’s pretty low if you ask us. 

So we can say Hostpapa offers a high levels of reliability and performance. This sort of reliability is great regardless of the type of website you intend to run.

3. Pricing and Features 

CredBrands is offering a massive discount on all of Hostpapa’s subscription plans. There are three packages: Starter, Business, and Business Pro.

HostPapa Hosting Plan


Hostpapa’s cheapest subscription plan is the cPanel-based Starter account. Initially it was $3.95 a month for the first three years, and $7.99 per month on renewal. But with this offer from CredBrands, you only have to pay 2.95 per month. 

This is a massive 63% discount for those of you looking to save money. There is no extra renewal fee, so you continue to pay $2.95 with thanks to this offer.

This account comes with 100GB of web space, unmetered bandwidth, a free domain and free website migration. You can use Encrypt SSL, and build a basic website (with a three page limit).

Hostpapa is integrated with WordPress and hundreds of other apps, and this account can support hosting two domains.


Hostpapa’s Business account is currently the most popular one among the three. This package also starts at $3.95 a month for the three-year plan, and costs $12.99 a month when renewed. 

But with CredBrands, you get to enjoy its features for 77% less than the original price. With the discount from CredBrands, you have to pay $2.95 and similar to the Starter account, there are no extra renewal fees.

The starter and the business are essentially the same package, but the business account comes with double the CPU and MySQL resources. This account features unlimited web space, bandwidth, databases, emails and domains. 

As this package features more benefits than the starter account, customers are preferring this one the most.

Business Pro

The third package by Hostpapa is the Business Pro plan. This plan costs $12.95 per month in the initial phase, and $19.99 a month on renewal. 

With CredBrands’ offer, you pay $11.95 a month with no extra renewal fee. With this discount you will be saving 40% and enjoy way more features than the previous packages we mentioned.

This package provides you with more resources such as, 'rocket fast premium servers', a wildcard SSL certificate, automated website backup system, ‘SiteLock’ malware detection, domain privacy protection, and no page limits on the website builder. 

4. Ease of Use and Customer Service

Hostpapa has a user friendly interface to help beginners to build and manage their websites. It has good analytics and content management. Payment is taken yearly instead of monthly, so you won’t have to worry about paying your fees every month.

Hostpapa has a huge knowledge base, which contains a series of articles that answer some basic questions you may have. Other than that, Hostpapa offers LiveChat and 24 hours phone support for any sort of queries. 

Bottom Line

So what do you think? Is this the right hosting platform for you? We think Hostpapa is a brilliant web hosting platform, and is great for beginners.

If your requirements are low and you want a great deal on a hosting platform, use this offer by CredBrands to your advantage, and use Hostpapa for hosting your sites. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our HostPapa review. Have a nice day!

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