Explaindio Review 2020 + Explaindio Coupon (Up To $200 OFF)

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Quick Summary: If you need a flexible video animation software for your business, Explandio is the best option for you! You’ll seamlessly make eye-catching and attention-grabbing videos for your clients.

The market for animated explainer videos has grown recently because these videos massively increase conversion rates. Businesses like them because they give their prospective clients both a video and an audio description of their products and services.

This one-two punch is critical for successful internet marketing. Explainer videos give in-depth descriptions of products that allow people to make the right purchasing decisions. It builds interest and trust, which increases the likelihood of a sale.

Explainer videos liven up product information, making it more persuasive than plain text. Online sites that feature explainer videos trend higher on Google searches and generate more impressions.

Explandio is the #1 explainer video software. If you’re looking for eye-grabbing and attention-getting videos for potential customers, Explaindio is the solution for you!

Get Video Content that Engages and Converts Your Visitors into Buyers!

Explaindio is focused on making video content to increase your leads and conversions!

Unbiased Explaindio Review

Explaindio Review

Explaindio gives its user flexible features to create their animated videos. The video editor works with both PCs and Macs. Explaindio allows you to make incredible animated videos in a matter of minutes!

Explaindio videos are made in 4 steps: 1) Creating your slide, 2) adding the elements, 3) customization to your needs and 4) exporting your video!

With Explaindio you can import your own media, or use Explaindio’s media library. It features a seamless drag-and-drop feature that lets you add elements like whiteboards and 3D objects.

You get multiple styles in one video as well! When you first visit Explaindio’s website, its interface is a bit overwhelming. Because of this, there’s a bit of a learning curve. When you get used to the features, you’ll make your own unique and high-quality videos in no time!

Explaindio’s Pricing Options

Explaindio has excellent pricing options right now, including limited-time Explaindio Discounts!

The month-to-month subscription is $37/month – this gives you a $20 discount via an Explaindio Coupon Code!

You can also use the Explaindio Coupon to get a big discount on the yearly plan - $67/month (normally it’s $147/mo.!)

If you plan to make animated videos for at least several years, we highly recommend the $497 one-time plan.

Explaindio has a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you decide for any reason that the Explaindio software is not for you, you get a full refund!

This removes any risk of regretting your purchase after the fact since you have 2 weeks to try it out!

Explaindio’s Product Quality

Explaindio has 26 different slide packs, which consist of multiple different animation slides. The slide designs vary from basic and simple design to eye-catching and complex designs. Choose the best slides for you and your projects!

You can pick the slides you need based on your particular market and customer. You’re also able to add call-to-action text banners to the videos, to help increase conversions. Multiple animations can be added at the same time with 3D models and customization.

Explaindio allows you to incorporate many sketch animations in your videos, including the popular whiteboard animations! You also get a wide assortment of images including graphs, arrows, social media profile icons, banners, and much more!

Explaindio has tools that allow you to edit videos across timelines, a feature that’s you sync every element of the video perfectly! The software lets you edit the media in multiple formats to meet your customers’ requirements.

Explaindio also allows you to add audio. It’s recommended you use QuickTime or a similar program to make a file to import for your voice-over. 

Explainer videos aren’t centered around text, but any good animator software will still feature a strong text option. Explaindio’s text feature features a wide variety of colors and fonts that give you strong and flexible text options.

You can also import your own fonts if you don’t like their options. The tutorial video shows you how to import and add text in less than 2 minutes!

Once you’re finished making your perfect video, you can export either the entire video or just single scenes.

A High-Quality Video Solution to Increase Your Visitors, and Convert them into Buyers!

Explaindio’s focus is on building and creating high-quality video content to increase your visitors and conversions. It is an excellent software platform and we highly recommend it!

Explaindio: The Pros

  • A large archive of animated video scenes to use in your projects!
  • 800 different images and sketches for project use
  • Seamless importation of your own images and fonts
  • High-quality and easy-to-understand tutorials

Explaindio: The Cons

  • The interface is complex and has a slight learning curve

Explaindio Review: Our Final Analysis

Video animation software is built to help you make a wide variety of videos for your business needs. A quality video animation software solution allows you to make videos ranging from doodles and sketches motion to 2D/3D animation. The kind of animation you choose will depend on your client base.

Explaindio’s flexibility allows you to create any type of explainer video you need for your message. You need little to no previous technical ability or knowledge. It’s a wonderful tool that all online entrepreneurs should integrate into their video creation strategy.

There are 28 different tutorials that will teach you how to make any video you need. It’s also an attractive price point, which is another perk of using Explaindio!*

With all that set, Explaindio is easily the most flexible and seamless video creation software on the market today. Though there’s a little bit of a learning curve, Explaindio gives you the ability to make a wide variety of high-quality videos for an affordable price!

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