EasyVSL Review: Is It Viable in 2021?

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Digital marketing has become heavily dependent on video marketing lately. Most businesses have started leveraging video marketing for increasing their conversion rate, and if you aren’t already, the conversion rate of your business will only deteriorate. 

Our experienced researchers have found that the prime reason why most people don’t start video marketing is their fear. They’re afraid because they don’t have much idea about the video creation software. Then again, some of them get started with the mainstream apps and find them too complicated, which is why they give up on trying. 

Another issue is the high cost of video making. Most people avoid creating recorded videos. A lot of them are afraid of the camera, which is understandable. As they can’t create animated explainer videos even, they have to resort to freelancers who charge a fortune for each video. Then again, those videos seldom meet the requirements of the customer. 

However, today we’ll talk about one video creator that’s been created for such people, and it’s called EasyVSL. Let’s talk about all the features of this tool in our EasyVSL review!

EasyVSL Review: Intro

EasyVSL Review

EasyVSL is a video creation software that allows you to create explainer videos and slideshows. This video creation tool is designed for digital marketers especially. It means that you don’t need any skills regarding video creation or any experience of using video creation software. 

EasyVSL isn’t like any other video creation tool you’ve used before. While most video creators are made for people with the sole intention of creating videos, EasyVSL is more like a video creator that’s built specifically for digital marketers. You will not get all the features that you need to create a video that looks astonishing. However, you can create a video that converts.

Who Needs It?

If you’re willing to promote your business or services on the internet and social media platforms, then you’ll be greatly benefited from EasyVSL. With EasyVSL, you’ll be able to create video sales letters. What are these?

Video sales letters are the video format of sales letters. What can you find in sales letters? These are usually colorful and attractive, and they inform the reader about a certain product, its features, pricing, and perhaps even a discount. 

These were all the rage back in the days. However, people aren’t that fond of reading that much nowadays, and they prefer watching a video over reading a few words any time. This is why it can be more engaging if the sales letters were circulated in video format (source)

So, if you’re promoting something online, then you’ll be more benefitted if you use video sales letters instead of the usual sales letters. 

Now that you know whether you need EasyVSL or not, let’s take a look at the features of EasyVSL that can make your life easier. EasyVSL is loaded with tons of features, and we’ll discuss all of them in our EasyVSL review.

EasyVSL has become the most recognized software for creating high-converting, video sales letters in less than 60 seconds.

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EasyVSL Review: Top Features

1. Custom Fonts:

Now, although it might not seem to be much at first, you’ll soon realize why we’re prioritizing this so much. Most of the video creating tools don’t offer a good variety of fonts pre-loaded. Due to this, users are forced to buy packs of fonts. If you don’t buy newer fonts, the video sales letters become common and bland.

This is why we highly recommend EasyVSL as it will allow you to create unique videos without having to purchase any fonts separately. 

2. Automated Slide Creation:

If you don’t want to spend too much time creating slides, then EasyVSL will be the perfect tool for you. As we’ve told earlier, it’s not only a video creator, but it’s an amazing slide creator as well. With EasyVSL, you’ll be able to create an entire slideshow without any effort. 

All you need to do is gather the texts that you want to include in the slides. Then, once you click on the automating features, this will create the slides automatically for you. 

3. Speech Recognition:

This is perhaps one of the best features of EasyVSL, and it’ll make your task very easy. EasyVSL is capable of recognizing your voice. You can add voice overlays through standard audio formats. Once you add a certain audio file, EasyVSL will recognize your voice, and then it will translate your voice into speech. 

This will eliminate the necessity of writing the subtitles for your speech entirely, which makes EasyVSL very easy to use the tool. There are more features to EasyVSL than this. Other than recognizing your speech and converting it to subtitles, EasyVSL can sync your voice and the subtitles together if you provide both. 

For example, if you already have added some text to your video and you’ve added the voiceover audio as well, then EasyVSL will recognize and sync both together. Due to this feature, you won’t have to sync the audio to your video separately if you have the subtitle in sync. 

EasyVSL has become the most recognized software for creating high-converting, video sales letters in less than 60 seconds.

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4. Sound Effects:

Most video creation tool that we’ve used till now comes with the worst sounds packed in them. EasyVSL is an outlier from this perspective as well. You won’t get unattractive sound effects from this.

On the contrary, you’ll get such a developed sound effects library that you might not even have to download sound effects from other sources. 

5. Great Animation Effects:

You need your videos to be unique if you want them to stand out. With EasyVSL, you’ll be able to create videos that’ll stand to be unique. It’s one of the most important features of any video creator, and EasyVSL didn’t disappoint us here. 

6. Customer Support:

Honestly speaking, you might not have to reach for the customer support of EasyVSL at all. This is very easy to use video creation software, and there are tons of tutorials online that’ll teach you how to use this tool properly.

However, we contacted their customer support just to check how their performance was. We got a fast reply from them after we contacted them. Then again, the issue we were facing was solved within a day.

We took a random issue from the internet, and we pretended to have that. The solution for that checked out too, so we don’t have any complaints. 

EasyVSL has become the most recognized software for creating high-converting, video sales letters in less than 60 seconds.

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EasyVSL Review: Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying any tools. You can’t just spend tons of cash on a tool, even if it’s very necessary for you. A tool is only good for you if it helps you save money, that’s what they say. 

We found out that EasyVSL offers decent pricing. You need to pay a one time $67 right when you buy this tool. However, this is only a one-time payment. Once you’ve rights to this software, you need to pay another $9.99 every month

Then again, if you wish to, you can buy this entire package at an annual rate of $167. Our thoughts on the pricing are neutral. Like, this isn’t the best pricing out there, and you would expect better pricing from such a product. The pricing would’ve been far better if there weren’t any primary price tag and only a monthly subscription. 

EasyVSL Pricing

Then again, this tool offers a lot of features that can make your marketing campaign completely hassle-free. This is why we can’t say that it’s very bad pricing either. 

So, overall, we’d say that the pricing could’ve been a bit better, but even with the present rate, the tool is quite affordable. Especially, if you consider the amount of return of investment boost you can drive with it, it becomes very viable. 

However, if you’re only starting, then we highly recommend getting their monthly package at first. In this way, you’ll be able to switch to any other app, although we’re sure that you won’t have to.

If you plan on settling for this app, then we highly recommend getting the annual subscription package, as you’ll be able to save some cash in this way. 

Money-Back Guarantee:

The best part about this app is that it’ll return all of your money, should you be displeased with its features and performance. However, most money-back guarantee policies are quite flimsy and shady, which is why people don’t usually believe them. 

Unlike those policies, EasyVSL boasts a strong policy that’ll help you get your money back, should you find their services displeasing for any reason. All you need to do is contact their sales unit, and you’ll get your money back within 30-days, no question asked!

EasyVSL has become the most recognized software for creating high-converting, video sales letters in less than 60 seconds.

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Final Verdict

EasyVSL is one of the best video creation software out there, and if you’ve followed our EasyVSL review thus far, it must be evident to you. However, like any other tool, it isn’t perfect. We would love it more if the pricing were a bit less than what it is now. 

Even then, with the great money-back guarantee policy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

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