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If you could choose between reading 1000 words of text and a short and visually appealing 5-minute video, what would you select? You’d immediately choose the second one.

We know that if you have a choice in the matter, you’ll always choose to watch a video over reading some boring text. Digital marketers know this well and, for this reason, frequently put videos on landing pages.

The majority of online buyers report that videos make landing pages and their products more attractive and credible.

Everyone likes to sell products that mean something to them and help the world, so why shouldn’t you?

People are inundated with thousands of great deals every single day, so you need to find a way to reach them and stand out.

Making videos alone won’t make you stand out – they have to be unique. When everyone is doing the same thing, nothing will stand out to the consumer at all.

If you put together a simple and easy-to-understand video that people enjoy, you’ll see your conversation rate drastically increase. To do this, you’ll need to make quality and stand-out videos.

Doodly, our powerful online video maker, can help you do just that! Let's see what it has to offer in this detailed Doodly review.

Create Realistic and Professional Videos in Just a Few Minutes!

Doodly lets you make your own professional and stand-out doodle sketch videos – no video experience required! Save extra 49% off today!

Unbiased Doodly Review

Doodly Review Demo

Doodly is a video creation platform that allows you to create a high-quality and professional whiteboard animated video. It features a user-friendly creation interface that allows anyone to make whiteboard videos with ease.

The software features a white color scheme that’s very pleasant to the eye. You’ll be able to make videos with a variety of texts, backgrounds, and characters. However, unlike other animated videos, you’re able to draw the visuals you want to see.

Images are completely static and you’ll just see a little hand moving on the screen that you can draw with!

Doodly allows you to put backing sounds in your videos to create the mood you want. You’ll get anywhere between 75-150 musical soundtracks depending on which package you download.

If you don’t want to choose from the included selection, just download and import a musical score to Doodly to use.

All of Doodly’s backgrounds, objects, and characters are visually appealing and beautifully detailed. In your standard package ($39/mo.), you’ll get full access to more than 800 unique characters, 1000 objects, 40 backgrounds, and 75 soundtracks. 

An enterprise purchase package is also available, and we highly recommend it. You can purchase it for $69/month. and it gives over 3500 unique characters, 3000 different objects, 84 backgrounds, and 150 high-quality soundtracks.

It also gives you full access to the aforementioned Doodly Club, which gives you even more new characters, props, and scenes monthly! We recommend regular video creators get the Enterprise Edition!

If you order any of the packages annually, you get a Doodly Coupon Code which gives you a 49% discount!

Doodly’s Product Design

Doodly was the very first doodle animated video creator on the market, and it continues to live up to the name! Doodly gives you the ability to make fantastic high-quality videos in 10 minutes. 

Before you begin a project, you pick the surfaces that the images are drawn on. You’re able to choose the ethnicity and color of the drawing hand.

Once you’re in Doodly’s editor, you’ll find scenes, props, and characters on the left-hand side of your screen. To put one of these in your video, simply drag and drop it in the project. It’s that simple!

Doodly shows you how long the images are viewed, how long the hand takes to draw the image, and how the final transitions will look. With the tools mentioned above, you’re able to make an endless number of short videos!

In addition to adding music, you’ll be able to insert your own voice-overs! For most video makers, you need to use third-party software to add these. With Doodly, you can do it right within the video editor! Play your videos and read the script, and your voice is recorded into your videos in real-time!

Doodly also features their platform-exclusive Doodly Smart Draw technology – if you don’t want to use any of the built-in tools, you can still draw and customize everything yourself.   

Another cool Doodly feature is the rainbow circle option in Doodly’s resources tab – if you enable this, it makes all the images fully colorful!

These make videos more vibrant and attractive, but you’ll need to purchase this separately (it’s available from Doodly)

Create Realistic and Professional Doodle Videos in Just a Few Minutes!

Doodly allows anyone to make their own professional doodle sketch videos – no technical and design skills required!

Doodly: The Pros

  • A massive Doodly Discount for all new users!
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • A large number of resources to use
  • Voiceover-recording capability
  • A wide array of quality background sounds
  • Endless customization abilities

Doodly: The Cons

  • Requires a subscription fee (but it is 100% worth it and you get an enormous amount of value for the price! And the Doodly Coupon Code gives you an instant 49% discount)

Doodly FAQ: Your Questions Answered

1. Is Doodly worth it? 

Doodly is a great platform for creating great whiteboard videos. However, it comes at a price, and often people as to whether Doodly is worth paying for or not.

The $39 price per month on the standard package might be daunting to some but try to look at the bigger picture here.

Professional animators take a lot of cash to create each video. If you need to create a lot of such video content regularly, you'll end up spending a fortune. With Doodly, you can create as many videos as you need easily, with a small amount of cash only!

2. Does Doodly work on the iPad?

Yes, the Doodly app is compatible with iOS, and it will work on the iPad. If you want to carry your Doodly around, you can do so with an iPad.

Plus, you can use the Apple pencil to unleash your creativity with Doodly. This makes Doodly a great choice for iPad users.

3. How to make your Doodly characters?

Doodly now features the SmartDraw Technology. This allows the users to upload custom pictures in the animation maker, and once an imported object or character is added to the scene, it'll appear as the hand is drawing that character.

This makes Doodly stand out from similar apps.

4.  How to use Doodly on multiple computers?

Doodly can be downloaded on as many devices as you want, and all you need is the ID and the password.

Your projects are saved online, so you'll get all of your projects at hand no matter where you're logging in. This is great as you won't be restricted to a single device.

5. How Do I Import a Custom Image into Doodly?

Doodly supports JPG, PNG, and SVG files only. To import a custom image to Doodly, you need to select the ''Props' dropdown and then click the plus sign on the menu's bottom right.

Once you click it, you'll be able to browse and upload the picture from your storage.

6. How to edit the text in Doodly?

Unfortunately, there's no way to edit the text in Doodly. 

Create Realistic and Professional Doodle Videos in Just a Few Minutes!

Doodly allows anyone to make their own professional doodle sketch videos – no technical and design skills required!

Doodly vs Toonly: Which is Better for You?

Both Doodly and Toonly are very famous to the animators. These softwares allow us to create animations effortlessly.

You don't need any prior experience, nor do you need any coding skills to animate objects or characters. This is why both of them are amazing for beginners. 

However, there are some striking differences between them. Firstly, you can create animated cartoon videos with Toonly. Although you can create great explainer videos with this, they are far from creative.

On the other hand, the whiteboard videos from Doodly are very interesting, as the style itself is very eye-catching. If you want to convey a message, Doodly is a far better option than Toonly. 

Previously, Doodly used to lack behind as it had only black and white objects, where Toonly had a lot of colourful objects and characters. Now, Doodly goes on par with Toonly, as Doodly Rainbow offers a lot of colourful elements.

Finally, we prefer Doodly over Toonly because Doodly always saves the project progress online, a feature that is absent in Toonly. 

With Doodly, your progress will always be backed up. So, you won't lose your project no matter what. Sadly, the same can't be said for Toonly. 

Doodly vs Videoscribe: Which Is Better for You?

When it comes to whiteboard animation video creators, Doodly and Videoscribe are the most used software. But which one of them is the better choice?

Neither Doodly nor Videoscribe offers free trial plans. While Doodly costs $39 a month, Videoscribe costs only $22.79 per month. However, Doodly is worth paying the premium. 

Unlike Videoscribe, Doodly can be used on as many platforms as you want. Plus, the resources such as the characters, the backgrounds, and the props provided by Doodly are of better quality. 

However, Doodly does lack behind when it comes to customer support. While Videoscribe offers Live support, tickets, and Email support, Doodly offers only Email support.

Although the gap might seem too wide on paper, in reality, there's almost zero difference. 

Doodly wins when it comes to language support.

While Videoscribe can be used in English only, Doodly supports English, German, and Spanish, making it more accessible to a wider base of users. 

Lastly, Doodly is far easier to use, and it's a smarter platform. With its all-new SmartDraw Technology, you can import custom props and use them like any built-in object!

This is certainly a revolutionary feature, and it gives Doodly another win against Videoscribe. 

Doodly Coupon Code

Are you interested in getting the Doodly subscription?

If you are really interested, today is your lucky day! We're offering you a discount of 49% on both the standard and enterprise packages of Doodly and this offer will reduce your costs by half!

With this discount, budget constraints won't be standing between you and amazing whiteboard animation videos anymore! 

However, you might miss this amazing opportunity if you wait any longer! This is a limited time offer, and there's no saying when this will cease.

So, don't waste another minute and get your Doodly subscription with our coupon code now!

Doodly Review: Our Final Thoughts

Doodly will save you lots of money if you’re making a large number of videos. Their videos will keep the traffic coming to your landing pages, social media accounts, and websites. This will lead to high conversion rates and more earnings and revenue. 

For those looking to sell freelance gigs, Doodly is a great value too because you can sell whiteboard videos! You’ll more than make back your subscription amount when you do this.

We absolutely recommend Doodly. Take advantage of the Doodly coupon today for a 49% discount, and take your business to the next level today!

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