Clipchamp Review

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Clipchamp is different from all the other traditional video editing tools. It has few features which make it stand out amongst the crowd. Besides simple trimming, resolving, and cropping, users can also screen record. Clipchamp is being used by more than 13 million people to edit videos. If want to check out Clipchamp to edit your videos, give our Clipchamp review a read. We have discussed every detail elaborately. Instead of spending time downloading and exploring a software or a tool, it is wise to have a clear conception about it beforehand. This saves both time and energy.

What makes Clipchamp different?

Clipchamp not only helps to make video editing easy, but it is also a master of cutting-edge technology. Sharing and downloading clips from drives and emails takes time, however, Clipchamp has a great solution for this. Whenever a user requests videos or clips from their friends they can carry it out using the video request tool option. If you are wondering whether you should be using Clipchamp to edit your videos check our article on Clipchamp review for your satisfaction!

This creates a link that can be shared to collect videos easily from them. Users can also record videos using their webcam and Clipchamp will use its converter to compress the video and save it as a small file. This makes it easy to upload & distribute within seconds. Moreover, users do not need special plugins or any fancy equipment for screen and webcam recording. It can capture both audio and video for multiple purposes with the help of a single click. 

Clipchamp Review: Features

  • In-browser applications: Helps to create, edit, and upload videos on storage from scratch. 
  • Tailored video templates: Comes with pre-designed templates for all occasions. Starting from ads, to official presentations, campaigns, cinematography slideshows, it has templates suitable for all purposes. 
  • Stock Library: Clipchamp has one of the biggest stock libraries. Users can choose images, moving clips, and videos from a stock of 800,000 files. 
  • Add own media: Users can use the drag and drop feature to use their media to add to their videos.
  • Text to speech: Users can add texts to their speeches to make presentations more interesting.
  • Audio speech: This feature helps users to record their speech in 14 different voice styles. Users are allowed to pick any accent they want and sync it with their video. This saves the cost of hiring voice actors for their videos. 
  • Aspect Rations: Clipchamp can support 1:1, 2:3, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9, 21:9 aspect ratios while creating a video.
  • Optimization for sharing: The videos created can be optimized to share on any social media sites starting from Facebook to Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. 
  • Mix & Match Stock files: Clipchamp allows users to mix and match stock files from their audio and image libraries.
  • Utilities: Clipchamp has a video compressor tool, a video converter, and a webcam recorder in their Clipchamp Create Utility section. These can be downloaded from the site. 
  • Webcam features: Allows users to directly edit their webcam videos through their browsers.

How is the editing tool in Clipchamp different from its competitors?

Clipchamp has all the basic features necessary for editing such as trimming, rotating, cutting, cropping, etc. You can also add audio music, text, and adjust image locations. Besides, changing color and adding filters there is a lot more than you can do with Clipchamp. Clipchamp has a special ad maker tool, this allows even novices to edit their videos and give them a professional touch. It allows users to adjust the saturation, picture quality, to color correct their images. Users can also change backgrounds, add several transitions, increase or decrease the pace of the video including the motion of the moving images. 

Clipchamp’s Green Screen option has been highly praised by all its users. The Green Screen allows users to add overlays and add a different touch to their videos. Moreover, its Al Voice Recognition option can help turn any speech into any kind of voice you prefer. Currently, there are 14 voices to choose from each with a different accent. This unique feature comes in handy especially when recording documentaries or creating an educational video. This is also helpful for people who are not confident about their voices or have speech problems. Voice recognition can also be used to change your accent to address native groups or races. 

However, the best feature in Clipchamp that is not present in any other video editing tool is the audio visualizer. This amazing tool allows users to turn their audio into dynamic animations. This increases professionalism and makes simple videos stand out. Clipchamp allows users to edit their videos from their browser tool and users do not have to download any plugins for features to use it.  

Pros of Clipchamp:

  • All Clipchamp videos can be exported in 480p, 720, and 1080p on all platforms 
  • Videos do not get blurred when being screen casted
  • Videos can be edited bore getting converted or compressed. 
  • The videos can be trimmed easily using the bars 
  • Saved videos can be cropped without hampering their resolution 
  • Video clips can be rotated both clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Clip tools can be used to vertically and horizontally flip video clips or the entire video 
  • Has advanced editing features 
  • Users can use the green screen
  • Has direct access options to drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. 
  • Videos created can be saved in MOV, AVI, MP3, MP4, JPG, PNG, and many other formats.
  • All editing can be carried out in your browser 
  • Comes with an AI Voice generator 
  • Very easy to use and has a simple interface 
  • Templates can be further customized 

Cons of using Clipchamp: 

  • The editing process gets slow with increasing project time 
  • The watermark from logos created using Clipchamp does not go away
  • Cloud editing features are limited 
  • The business and platinum plans are pretty expensive 
  • Audio files cannot sync smoothly with the video 

What is Clipchamp best used for?

Even though Clipchamp is a desktop video editor users can also grab videos from their cloud storage directly for editing. Clipchamp can be used to edit on tablets and other gadgets. This makes Clipchamp useful to edit videos for various fields. Clipchamp has been used to create videos and slideshows for campaigns, business presentations, digital agencies, and marketing projects. It has also been used in SMBs, different enterprises, and educational and academic lessons. 

How can Clipchamp help you to make better YouTube videos?

Clipchamp can be used to edit and directly upload videos to your YouTube account. Plenty of YouTubers have stated how Clipchamp has made their work faster and more efficient. In this section, we will discuss how you can use Clipchamp to make YouTube videos. 

  1. Upload your image files and choose music from the stock library

After you are done assembling images and videos from your phone and the media library you can do an audio recording. You can also check out the stock library tab. The stock library button is on the left-hand side of Clipchamp’s stock library section. You will have an option that leads to a large number of royalty-free files to use in your YouTube videos.

  1. Add subtitles and animated captions to your YouTube video

Titles are very important for YouTube videos. You can overlay your videos with captions using Clipchamp. Clipchamp contains many animated text effects suitable for YouTube titles. You can use static subtitles too. The option is available at the bottom of Clipchamp’s text library. Click on the option “subtitle” to add subtitles to your videos.

  1. Clipchamp can synchronize your video and audio files

Clipchamp has the option of slicing and trimming your videos. This helps to improve audio and video synchronization. It also has advanced editing tools to add special effects to your YouTube videos. Clipchamp also has extra layers in its timelines for its premium users.  

  1. Add video to YouTube

After you have finished editing your video you need to export your finished project. After you have completed this step, you will be presented with an option “Connect to YouTube”. Click on the option, then log into your YouTube channel. You will find a pop-up option that will ask your permission to enter. Finally, fill up the saving option and click on “Save”. And your video will directly be uploaded to your channel.

Does the Project length of Clipchamp videos hamper its synchronization?

Although there is no fixed limit on how long each video can be. Yet still, it is advised to limit all video lengths to 10 minutes maximum. Projects longer than 12 – 15 minutes have shown synchronization problems between their audio and videos. Some long-length videos also failed to export while being sent via desktop. However, all these problems somewhat rely on the graphics card, CPU, and memory disk of each PC too. All webcam recording videos in Clipchamp are limited to 25 – 30 minutes.  

Clipchamp Review: Pricing

Clipchamp has a free trial version for students and small business owners. However, if are into professional photography or work as a videographer then it will not be enough. The basic plan allows you to only upload 5 videos every month. Webcam recordings are lessened to 5 minutes. As for its premium plans, there are 3 packages available: Creator, Business, and Business Platinum plan.

The Creator plan allows you to export as many videos as you want. All exports are carried out in 720 HD. It offers cloud media backups and allows users to access thousands of music and images. Users have to pay only $9 per month for this plan. The Business plan costs $19 per month allowing users to have unlimited video exports. Users can download a video in 1080 HD quality. The logos created do not have a watermark, custom branding can be carried out. Users have access to millions of songs, clips, and images from the stock library.

Lastly, the Business Platinum plan allows unlimited access to all its features. However, Business Platinum plans are expensive. It costs $39 per month. Even though the price is set in accordance with the user’s ability to have maximum access, yet still it’s too much for an average person. Business Platinum plans are eligible for top-class business companies and organizations. 

Clipchamp Review: FAQ 

  1. Does Clipchamp work well in all browsers?

Yes, you can use Clipchamp in all browsers starting from Firefox to Chrome, Opera, etc. However, you must keep your browser updated. 

  1. Can premium plans be canceled anytime?

Yes, Clipchamp premium plans can be canceled anytime. However, the cancellation takes effect after the ongoing billing period. Whether you have subscribed for monthly or annual plans, the plan will end right after the month.  

  1. Is Clipchamp Safe to work in?

Clipchamp is safe and its privacy policies are strict. The privacy policies are designed by Clipchamp Ltd. It protects all user rights and ensures to make sure all their personal images and content are secured properly. 

Clipchamp Review: Glossary

For newbie video editors, Clipchamp has a glossary on their official site to help them learn more. It contains helpful articles explaining which color will be good for long shots. It contains discussions about color grading and different style effects. 

It also has other helpful information that video creators may find helpful while creating a video. You might find the idea of diffused light in video creation helpful. Clipchamp also contains information about the latest color trends. Clipchamp has palettes ready for you to use. 

Final Thoughts

Just like any other professional software or video editing tool Clipchamp has every potential to create extraordinary videos. Starting from beginners to mid-level editors and professionals can use it to create videos however they want to. We recommend you give Clipchamp a try. Try its free trails version to edit your videos and see it for yourself. We use you will love it’s interactive and simple to use interface. Hope you liked our Clipchamp review. Do let us know how your experience with Clipchamp review went. All the best for your experience!

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