Canva Review

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All of us have used Microsoft Paint which was the first stop for us in our journey on graphic designing. As we grew up our love for graphic designing might have increased, but the tools got harder to use. For instance, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and PickMonkey are quite tough. You cannot start working on them instantly! Check out our Canva review. We have covered all details!

However, ever since the emergence of Canva, people found it easy to work with and get their work done. Canva has truly been a revolutionary tool for all graphic design lovers. Its simplicity and wide range of features have made it a top contender in the graphic designing tool’s list. If you are interested to know more about Canva check out our detailed review.

Why Makes Canva different from other Graphic Designing tools?

Canva is designed for anyone who loves designing and can work with little or no former experience. It is more like a simple version of Photoshop that can be used for free and does not require extensive skills to use it. Photographers see it as an editing tool, while designers take it as a free haven for graphic designing. Users can design brochures, posters, logos, and various infographics projects on it. Users can also save their work on the website and later finish their unfinished projects whenever they want.

Besides, Canva is the master of customizations. You can customize your logos, branding, templates, texts, front, and many more. Its graphic assents, branding kit, and content planning features are what make it stand out among all other free designing tools. Did you know that you can edit your Zoom background using Canva? Moreover, Canva offers free tutorials for everyone to learn how to make the most out of the tool and design like a pro.

Canva Review: Top Features

  • Photo effects: It has a wide range of photo effects allowing users to choose a huge collection of filters. Content Planner: This is an advanced feature that allows users to schedule their work. The ‘+’ allows users to work on a design they have planned previously. It helps users to keep track of their work progress.
  • Effects tab: Contains advanced options like Duotone, Liquify, Background remover, and many others
  • Pre-built templates: Canva has over 4.2 million free templates for its users to use and customize.
  • Photo library: Canva has one of the largest photo galleries with over 7.2 million images.
  • Elements Tab: Has a wide collection of charts, grids, icons, shapes, and many more. Each of the elements is customizable.
  • Front library: Contains various fronts ranging from plain ones to sophisticated and vibrant tones. Canva can also find pairing fronts that match your individually selected ones.
  • Drag and Drop option: Allows users to drag pictures, files, clips, etc. to Canva and edit them.
  • Animations: Users can add animations such as Breathe, Fade, Pan, Block, Rise, etc. to their images.
  • Social Media Share: Canva allows users to share their work directly on any social media platform. 
  • Brand Kit: This is a storage area of all your brand work. Users can store logos, edited images, fronts, brand colors, etc. here. This helps users to have access to specific files while working on a project.
  • Create teams: This allows users to create teams and share their work with each other.
  • Cloud storage: All work from Canva can be saved directly into your Cloud storage. 

Pros of using Canva

  • Allows users to edit their images using all basic features: Crop, rotate, flip, saturate, contrast, and others.
  • Photos can be taken directly from any social media platform and edited in Canva
  • The user interface is simple, attractive, and intuitive
  • Canva chooses templates based on the current design or pattern. This narrows down the search and the saves times
  • Templates can also be searched by language or color
  • All projects can be grouped and saved in Canva allowing users to re-edit them if they wish
  • The designing process is smooth and modernized
  • Users can re-size any creative design 
  • Canva is compatible will all browsers
  • It allows collaborative work on a single project 
  • Has s step by step wizard feature
  • Canva supports video editing too
  • Allows users to mind map their workflow
  • Canva is free for teachers and other educators
  • Users can create and edit their resume 
  • Can also their Instagram posts and stories and adjust images ratios
  • The premium stock library has more than 100 million images and elements

Cons of using Canva

  • Graphics cannot be customized from scratch 
  • Advanced graphic designing options like Alpha transparency are available only for Canva pro users.
  • It is hard to resize photos on different screens 
  • Team members working on the same project cannot work simultaneously in real-time 
  • Users cannot create unique elements they have to opt for the ones available in the library
  • Some of the templates and images are quite non-specific

What can you best use Canva for?

Starting from school projects and assignments business campaigns and marketing Canva can be used for every purpose. You can edit your resume, or create a video using Canva too. You can create your company brand logo and design visiting cards. You can also create social media posts and even customize designs for printing on t-shirts and dresses.

Canva Review: How to Use Canva

This section is for anyone who wants to know how to operate Canva. Rest assured Canva is easier to use than any other editing tool you have previously used. 

Select a visual type

First of all, you need to head to the dashboard and click on a suitable visual type. You can personalize the dimensions of your layout however you want to.

Select any template you want 

All the templates will be opened in a new tab. You need to pick a template and drop it in the editor section. Now you can modify and customize the template however you want. You can add colors or add a title, or change the front.

Select an image or photo

You choose any image you want from the library and transfer it to the editor section by the drag and drop option. You can also upload your images from your desktop or your phone’s gallery.

Add elements, icons, shapes

You can add filters and do color correction. You can also add elements, shapes, and icons from the element’s tab. You can edit the elements by changing their color or style. Elements are very helpful when it comes to designing your logos. If you click on the Alt option you can fix the aspect ratio of your chosen element. You can also adjust the overlays by fixing the transparency and by shifting the slider.

Select a color palette

Canva is popular for its diversified color palettes. After you have uploaded your photo or chosen an image, Canva will analyze all the colors present in them and suggest some suitable color palettes. You can find the colors in your image by click on any part of your image or by hovering your mouse over it. You can customize the color palettes too if you have good knowledge of colors.

Add any text to your image

Next, you can add the text you want to your image. You can add a title of your choice. You can modify the text font, width, and color from the Text tab section. Montserrat is one of the most popular fonts used in Canva.

There are few things you need to keep in mind while selecting the font. Make sure to keep the fonts simple. It should not be fancy or too bright. Your fonts should also not get blended with the background. It should be in contrast to your background and color palette. If you want to go on the safe side, always keep your font style black and bolded.

Adjust your image alignments 

Your image should be visually pleasing too. You need to adjust the alignments of the images, icons, and other elements. You need to select all of them and click on Control + A button. Then click on Position then on Center. This will make sure all your images and elements are positioned at the center of your display. This way you can align your elements and images however you want to.

Resize your image

This option is not mandatory in all cases, however, sometimes we do need to resize our images so that it fits our social media. For instance, we cannot upload long-length images on Instagram. You can resize them by clicking on the resize button. Your file is now all ready for download.

Canva Review: Pricing

Canva was 3 plans for its users: The Free plan, The Pro, and the Enterprise plan. The free plan is pretty attractive. Users can get access to over 250K templates and more than 100 different types of design. Users can also use photos and graphics from the library for their projects. However, the number of clips and elements is limited to free users. Free users can also invite at least 5 members to join their team and work on the same project. Users can also get 4 – 5 GB of cloud storage. 

The Pro package costs only $12 per month and if you decide to subscribe for an annual package you will have to pay $119.40 only. Pro package allows its users to have everything the same as the free plan along with some special features. This includes magic resize, brand kit, content planner, and graphics. Users will also have 100 GB of space and over 420K of free images, clips, elements, fronts, and many more.  

The Enterprise package costs $30 however, you can contact Canva to get a personalized plan for your entire team. This package allows you to make the most out of Canva. You will get access to all its features and advanced graphics options. You will also get multiple branding kits and unlimited cloud space. The best thing is, you will receive 24/7 support from Canva in case you face any troubleshoots. 

Canva Review: Compatibility with its users

People have voted Canva as the most compatible editing tool. It has a rating of 9.1 out of 10 in and 4.7 out of 5 in Canvas has can be used on both desktops and phones. The app version has the same features as the desktop version. It helps to create stunning projects with a professional touch. It helps people get the confidence to improve and create more innovative designs. Users only need to sign up using the Gmail ID and they will be directed to the editing board. 

Canva Review: FAQs

Q1: Do all users need to create an account for using Canva?

Yes, all users need to sign in with their respective email IDs to create an account in Canva. You cannot use Canva without creating an account first.

Q2: Can children below 15 years use Canva tool?

Yes, Canva is designed for people of all ages. Children who are below 15 years old can use Canva for their school projects and assignments. 

Q3: How is the Canva Button helpful?

Canva Button allows users to create logos, banners, brochures, leaflets, etc. inside Canva and publish them directly on their websites or social media platforms without having to leave the Canva app or browser. 

Final Thoughts

Canva is one of the best tools for graphic designing. Its free version allows users to try out many features that can easily get the job done. Considering all its features and ease of use it would be a good choice over any other expensive editing tool. Moreover, the price of the subscription packages is quite less compared to other software. 

If you are just starting your profession as a graphic designer Canva would be a great choice. It is the easiest and the handiest tool to create DIY campaigns, logos, and much more. Hope you found our review on Canva helpful.

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