Biteable Review

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Short Videos are hard to make but easy to capture attention with. People often prefer watching a 60-second video to a video 3 minutes long. Nowadays, digital marketing relies on short videos for their publicity. The ads you see on YouTube, Spotify, while playing a game, or on Facebook are created using a special tool. Nothing beats the Biteable online tool when it comes to creating short videos! If you are looking for a complete Biteable review, check out this article!

Even though they are captured using a multi-segment camera, but edited using Biteable. Those of you who work in the marketing or the video editing sector must have heard of Biteable. If you have never used Biteable then check our Biteable review. We have discussed every detail of this online editing tool so that you can decide whether it’s worth downloading. 

Biteable Review: How is Biteable different from other software and editing tools? 

Biteable Review

Just like all other editing tools Biteable comes with customizable templates, a personalized watermark, and unlimited clips. However, what makes it stand out is that it allows users to collaborate and work together in a centralized dashboard. They can keep track of the changes being made by each of the users. It also has a huge library of 1.8 million files. Files include motion graphics, clips, songs, etc. All the short videos can be downloaded in 1080p resolution. 

Moreover, Biteable is one of the best tools for creating animated video advertisements. It has been used by professionals to create short explanatory videos, infographics shows, and 30-sec animations. Users can use pre-animated scenes and edit them however they want. Most important Biteable has made the process of short story-telling a whole lot easier. 

Biteable Review: Biteable is best used for?

Biteable has been used for short advertisements and promotional campaigns. It has also been used to create educational videos and digital content. Currently, it is very popular in the marketing sector. Companies want their videos to be short, precise, and attractive. This makes Biteable maintain its position at the top.

Biteable Review: Features

Biteable Review
  • Intuitive templates: All the templates are intuitively created and are well categorized.
  • Video and Music Library: Biteable has about 1.8 million audio and video files in their library for their users to work with.
  • Template library: There are more than 20 categories on real estate, marketing, corporate, etc.
  • Video Customization: Biteable has advanced options that allow users to customize their videos however they want to. Starting from adding text on-screen to working on every granular detail.
  • Screen size: Biteable has many options for screen sizes allowing you to work smoothly. This is a handy feature that has different social media platforms support different screen sizes.
  • Social media templates: Contains built-in social media templates to use in videos
  • Animations: Contains several ore-built animations to use in videos
  • Audio capture: Biteable can be used to record your audio and sync it with your project
  • Branding overlay: Biteable allows you to create logos and remove watermarks. The logos created will be transparent and fit in any slide.
  • Pre-built templates: Contains several pre-built templates for presentations
  • Drag and Drop option: This feature is very helpful and users to easily upload files from their Dropbox, OneDrive, or PC.
  • 2D drawing: Allows users to create 2D figures for their campaigns 
  • 3D modeling: Users can create 3D models for their projectsThis advanced feature helps professional editors make the most out of Biteable.
  • Add text: You can add text in between videos and in scenes using this feature
  • Social media templates: Social media templates are the most recent addition in Biteable.

Pros of using Biteable:

  • Biteable is easy to use
  • Has an attractively simple interface
  • Has a wide range of templates. The templates are categorized into sections such as commercials, training, education, business, etc. to make it time-saving.
  • The website is segmented into 4 sections: promotional, explain-like videos, animations, services.
  • Can edit in between scenes
  • Contains several transitions and animations for videos
  • The collaborative tools section is rich
  • Branding logos can be customized
  • Has a content library
  • Supports 72-p and 1080p high-quality resolution
  • Has voice support options via audio upload
  • Good at syncing audio and video clips together

Cons of using Biteable:

  • Biteable has limited options for exporting videos
  • Has limited customizable transition effects
  • Has no analytics
  • Cannot be shared directly to any social media account.
  • Cannot do voice-overs or record audio

Biteable Review: Pricing

There are 3 plans for biteable users: Free, plus, and the ultimate plan. The free plan requires no charge to use. The free plan is best for students and young videographers. It allows user to have access to the basic features which includes editing, audio and video sync, crop, rotate, etc. Users can also have access to 4 thousand images, audio or music, and animations. 

The plus package costs $19 per month. It gives users to use their watermark and customize their branding. They will have excess to millions of images, clips, transitions, animation, and everything available in the stock library. They can also download their video in the highest 1080p resolution. Plus package users will be given commercial usage rights. This means they will need to sign up and accept the terms and policy of Biteable. 

And lastly, the ultimate plan package gives users access to every resource available in Biteable. They will get more than 17.7 million shutter stock clips. The plan can be shared with 10 people. 10 people can work together using the collaboration board. Besides downloading the video in full HD resolution, users can also access the visual analytics option. The ultimate plan costs $49 per month. 

Is Biteable Free to use?

Yes, Biteable can be used for free. However, the free package has limited features in comparison to the paid packages. However, if you compare the services you can avail of from the free package with any other free tool, Biteable will win. Biteable allows its free users access to footage clips and thousands of images and animations.

Does Biteable have good security policies?

Biteable is very serious when it comes to user privacy. Their privacy policy includes terms of Service and few other Data Addendums are incorporated together. The policy is responsible for governing all user information, files, and data once you get registered and click on the terms and agreement section. The terms of the service sector also include the information Biteable collects from you and how they protect it. When you sign up for Biteable, you can rest assured that your private information is well guarded. 

Why Biteable is the best tool for beginners? 

People who have used Biteable previously claim it is one of the best tools for beginners. Biteable is perfect for anyone who wants to create short videos. Whether you are a novice, mid-level videographer, or a professional content creator Biteable has enough features for you. If you want to try out to see how compatible you are with the editing tool you can check its free plan.

First of all, Biteable is very easy to learn. Even if this is your first video creating or editing project you can count on Biteable to make things smooth. Once you learn to use all the features properly you will be able to produce videos daily. Since Biteable allows users to create videos within a short time it is great for marketing. Post at least 15 short videos every day.

Biteable is also known for its scalability. Users are free to customize and edit their videos for different purposes using any template they want. The free plan allows you to play around with the format settings and edit videos. You can tailor your branding and check whether this type of video editing tool suits your style. Biteable helps people spice up their posts and make them more engaging. It is less time-consuming and highly effective.

How to use Biteable to create a video

First of all, pick a suitable template matching your project. Every template has 3 – 5 scenes. You can edit each scene however you want, add text, and change its font. You can add more scenes by duplicating. You can also select a style such as animation, stock footage, clay, infographics, etc. You will get a large number of scenes for each of your styles. These scenes are pre-designed for you.

Next, you need to select a color scheme. Biteable has plenty of color themes to choose from. You can click on any of the available color palettes and add them to your video. You can also add images and moving clips to your scenes. You can also pick audio from the stock library and sync it with your video. There is a wide collection of audios to choose from. You can also edit the video using the basic tool. After you are done editing you can click on “finish” to complete your video and save it.

Biteable Vs. Powtoon

Biteable allows users to create attractive short videos from readymade clips and scenes. The professionally designed templates help videos to shine and attract an audience. Biteable has 1000 different templates and is categorized into several categories for users. Users can add files scene by scene. Users can easily swap a scene simply by using drag and drop options, you can also delete or duplicate it. 

In contrast, Powtoon does not supply its users with as many templates, it is a bit slower than Biteable. Its features take 20 – 30 seconds to load. However, Powtoon has 2 editing options: The Full studio and the Quick editing tool. Unlike Biteable, users need to switch to Full studio to add, delete, or edit a clip. In terms of interface and design, Biteable is better. It is simple, easy-going, and easy to work in. Powtoon requires time to understand and sort out the features.  

Biteable vs. Invideo

Biteable is cloud-based while Invideo is web-based. Both are used by business companies, marketing agents, etc. to create short videos. Both Biteable and Invideo have similar features and functions such as template personalization, unlimited library, animation features, etc. Biteable lags a bit when it comes to sharing videos directly to social media platforms. Invideo has the upper hand in this section. 

Other than that, both the video editing tools have great reviews. They do differ in terms of payment options, Biteable offers users to pay via PayPal, however, Invideo does not support PayPal. Also, Invideo offers more coupon and promo codes than Biteable.

Biteable Review: FAQS

Q1: Can Biteable record audio?

Unfortunately, Biteable has no audio recording features. However, you can try recording your audio using another software or tool and then upload it in Biteable. To help the recorded audio and video to sync better it is better to edit the video first.

Q2: Does Biteable work well in all browsers?

Biteable works best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It works in all browsers but its performance in other browsers is limited. It does not work well in Safari, Edge, and in Internet Explorer.

Q3: What is the maximum character limit that can be set in the Title of the video in Biteable?

Even though there is no character limit in the title, however, it is better to keep the title between 1 to 50 characters. Shorts texts are precise and powerful.

Q4: How many words should there be in every scene?

Since Biteable is used to create short videos, it is advisable to add 5 – 6 words for every single second.

Final Thoughts

Biteable will be a great choice for creating and editing short videos. You will be satisfied with the overall quality, transitions, and syncing ability of the videos. The library is noteworthy and has unlimited files to choose from. Even though the footage inside some files may be tough to manipulate, but that should not always be a problem. Hope you found our Biteable review helpful and satisfactory. You can try it out and see for yourself. Hope you get to make the most out of Biteable.

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