Best Grammarly Alternative for Error-Free Writing

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When it comes to writing, we often tend to make silly mistakes which can be quite embarrassing at times. The mistakes somehow always stand out and even as we’re writing this article, chances are there will be grammatical and phrasing errors in the first draft. No matter how hard you try to be perfect, there is always that off chance of making an error. The question is, how do you rectify something like this? 

There is always the option of proofreading. But that requires a proofreader to do so and you'd have to shell out quite a few bucks for it. But what if you could have a personal editor to yourself that is at the click of your laptop buttons? Something that you can carry around with you and fire up whenever necessary. We're talking about professional online editor applications.

In recent times, several online editor applications cropped up. These applications offer a host of services in both, free and paid plans. You can have your grammatical mistakes corrected, check your phrasings, and alleviate the overall readability of your writing. 

Writings are mean to communicate with your audience. Your target is to engage your readers in a captivating write-up. But a write up riddled with errors will simply look bland no matter how engaging the content is. These professional editor tools do a great job to not only make your content error-free but also to make them more engaging for your reader. 

There are several professional editor tools out in the market and Grammarly is one of them. This platform utilizes machine learning and AI as well as a set of designated tools to analyze and correct your writing. But Grammarly isn't the only editor out there and there are other good ones as well. In this article, we will talk about the best Grammarly alternative that you can consider for your writings. 

What is Grammarly?

To put it simply, Grammarly is an editor tool designed for your portable devices. It is an online tool that works like your personal editor to edit and correct your writings across platforms. The main idea behind Grammarly was to remove the barrier of grammar and make the English language easily approachable.

Three Ukraine-based engineers, Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider came up with the idea to make proofreading an online mechanism. They developed Grammarly and it was initially released in 2009. Today it is one of the most common proofreading and editing tools out in the market. 

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly incorporates three forms of advanced technology – Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. What Grammarly does is, recognizes and analyzes your writing in real-time and uses its engines to check for any grammatical or phrasing errors. Based on the writing style you're following, the application can even suggest modifications that work great to enhance the readability of your writing. 

Grammarly requires a lot of computational power to run properly. So much so that a conventional PC and laptop cannot provide that power. The entire process of analysis and correction, therefore, runs in the cloud. All you need is an internet connection to have your writings professionally graded in real-time. 

However, no matter heat the computational power might be, it is still not a 100% perfect solution and we're not here to talk about Grammarly as well. Be it hardware compatibility, reliability, or simply better at grading, there are a few best Grammarly alternative that you should consider.

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional writer or someone who writes out of a hobby. These applications can suffice all your editorial needs under one roof. Let's have a look:

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid Review - Quick View

With Grammarly taking the entire spotlight in recent times, every other tool is comparatively lesser-known. But don't let it take anything away from them. Some of them are equally good like Grammarly and sometimes does an even better job than it. ProWritingAid (read full review) is by far the best among them. 


Apart from the fact that ProWritingAid is an editor tool, it is also the closest competitor to Grammarly. The basic principles are the same here. ProWritingAid also uses an advanced AI system to correct grammatical errors, make suggestions to improve sentence structures in real-time. The host of services provided by ProWritingAid includes – 

  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Word preference
  • Identifying vague words
  • Word and phrase repetition
  • Tense consistency
  • Content readability score

Prowritingaid does everything that Grammarly does almost on a similar scale, making it a reliable and best Grammarly alternative out there. 

Just like Grammarly, ProWritingAid also has integration across other platforms. You won’t have to create a document file and then put it through the ProWritingAid editor.

With integration support in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and most web browsers, you can easily check your writing in real-time. And not just that, you can even have a dedicated application for your desktop as well.

Now the question is, who is ProWritingAid best suited for? Whether you're an author, copywriter, content writer, student, or academics, ProWritingAid will suffice for all your needs. 

The application is designed to be as minimal and less intrusive as possible. The ease of access and usability make it an effective alternative to Grammarly. Now you might be wondering whether it is the best Grammarly alternative for mac as well? Yes, it is.

You can find all the dedicated services of windows in mac as well. However, one drawback is that with mac, you cannot have a native application on your laptop; rather you'd have to rely on their website to use the tool. 

Similar to Grammarly, ProWritingAid comes with a free and premium version. However, the free version of ProWritingAid doesn’t offer as much usability and flexibility as Grammarly. The free version is essentially the demo version of the premium product.

The word count is limited to just 500 words in the free version which is very low for seasoned writers. You also don’t get access to the desktop application in the free version. It also doesn’t have native support for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome. Considering these factors, it is better to get the premium version of the application. 

The premium version also comes with a writing style report. This basically analyses your writing style and prepares a detailed report outlining what should be developed, what is your strong suit, and what aspects in your writing should be avoided. This is a very handy insight that you can use to get a better idea about your writing style and make necessary changes. 

Pricing and Usability

The premium version of ProWritingAid comes at 70 dollars per year with a lifetime premium support coming in at 240 dollars. 

Though the ProWritingAid lacks some of the features that you get with Grammarly, it is still a fairly useful application. You also get a personalized report on your writing which is not available with Grammarly. We suggest you get the premium version of ProWritingAid as it offers a host of more features compared to the free version. 

ProWritingAid is not perfect, but neither is any other editor tool. But its accuracy, smooth and clean UI and handy features definitely make it the best Grammarly alternative.

2. WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke - Grammarly Alternative

The next on our list is WhiteSmoke. This is also a good alternative to Grammarly. The editor tool comes with basic spelling and grammar checker. In our review, we have found WhiteSmoke to be pretty accurate.

The application makes use of AI learning and several analysis tools that help them correctly identify errors. However, that is the only thing WhiteSmoke can do. 


Unlike Grammarly or ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke does not come with features like writing style analysis and phrasing suggestions. It is a strictly spelling and grammar oriented application. So if you're a new writer or someone who's not regular, you will miss out on important writing style analysis features to make your writing more readable. 

People who use editor tools like Grammarly reports an increase in proficiency by up to 60% and 85% of the people reports that their writing is visibly better than it was before. An interactive editor tool is useful for learning the intricacies of writing as well.

You get a detailed idea of how to write better, use better words, innuendos, and phrases to make your article more engaging to your readers. These features are however not available with WhiteSmoke. 

Instead, WhiteSmoke is best suited for people who know their stuff. People that are pro in writing but just need a handy tool to check for grammatical and spelling errors. We suggest you consider WhiteSmoke only if you’re confident about your writing style as you won’t be getting any support or suggestion from it. 

Another issue with WhiteSmoke is that the application doesn’t have native support for macOS. However, you can use their web-based application on any platform. In our review, we have found the application to be a bit complex and slow. The UI isn't interactive and the corrections take time to register.

Another significant gripe with WhiteSmoke is that even their premium version supports only 10,000 characters at a time. 10,000 characters aren't much if you consider all the punctuation and spaces that are used in the write-up. 

Pricing and Usability 

The pricing of WhiteSmoke starts at just $5 per month for the basic package and moves up to 11 dollars if you want the business class suit. This is a positive aspect of WhiteSmoke as it is significantly cheap compared to Grammarly and also has a monthly plan, unlike ProWritingAid. 

However, the limitations with WhiteSmoke are simply too many when compared with Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

3. Ginger

ginger grammar

Ginger is another excellent spelling and grammar checking tool that you can consider. Yael Karov and Karan Singh jointly developed the platform based on Natural Language Processing back in 2011. The main idea behind ginger was not just to correct your spelling and grammar, but so much more. 


Ginger was developed as an all-around application not just to correct your grammar and spelling but to coach you in writing as well. This application is best suited for people who are just getting started with writing.

The application will help you with rephrasing and suggest you appropriate word as a replacement. This is an excellent tool for anyone getting started with writing or an academic. 

Ginger is also created on the Natural Language Processing platform. This has helped the platform to use its strong AI and machine learning technology to effectively create an all-around helping tool. 

One of the strongest suits of Ginger has to be its UI. The web-based application is clean and minimal looking. In our review, we have found it to be better looking compared to Grammarly which to us seemed like a bogged down version of their web offerings. 

However, the number of options with Ginger is also limited like that of WhiteSmoke. You get some phrasing options but there is no support for the writing style which is equally important when it comes to new writers. We suggest you pick it up if you're a professional or have a considerable grasp of your writing style. 

Pricing and Usability

Ginger also comes in a monthly package formal with a basic monthly plan starting at 20 dollars. For its offerings, the price seems to be on the high and it is.

The reason is that Ginger is gearing its customers to either take the annual or two-year subscription which comes at 7.17 dollars and 6.6 dollars respectively per month. If you’re planning to get one, we suggest you pick up the annual plan as it is a good value for money. 

When compared with Grammarly, Ginger falls short on many aspects. However, it is a nice tool to easily check your spelling and phrasing. However, if it had some other features like writing style analysis and suggestion, it would’ve been even better. 

But considering the price, Ginger can be a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

4. PaperRater


Another great alternative to Grammarly is PaperRater. Originally founded as a plagiarism detector, PaperRater soon branched into various aspects to become a complete editor tool in itself. Currently, the platform offers grammatical check, spelling, and phrasing check in addition to their usual plagiarism checker. 


The application uses machine learning and AI to analyze any writing. Since the original intention with PaperRater was to market it as a plagiarism tool, the website has over 16 billion pages in its directory. The advanced AI system that PaperRater incorporated helped it to develop the phrasing and grammatical tool. 

This is a great application for college students and the maker has had it geared towards them since inception. Whether writing a report or a term paper, PaperRater gives you a detailed insight into your writing so that you can better understand your lacking. It also has a grading option for your paper where it assigns a mark based on the quality of the paper. The application also comes with a strong plagiarism checker which provides a report about the plagiarism index. 

One of the drawbacks of PaperRater has to be its mobile version. The mobile version, as well as the desktop application, does not run smoothly. It is also slow and unresponsive at times. You can't also consider it as a Grammarly alternative for mac since it doesn't have a native application for mac. We suggest sticking to the website for the best result. Another drawback of the application is that it is not very reliable. The accuracy of the grammar checker is below average. 

Pricing and Usability 

The pricing for PaperRater starts at 15 dollars per month. But a yearlong commitment will see the price drop to 7.5 dollars per month. 

When compared with Grammarly, there is a lot of features that are absent in PaperRater. If you’re a casual writer or someone getting started into writing, we do not recommend you sign up with PaperRater. However, if you’re a student who has to do a lot of writing and reports, PaperRater can be a good option.

5. Hemingway App

hemingway app

The last one on our list is the Hemingway app. This is basically an essential tool for seasoned writers. The entire idea behind the Hemingway app is based on readability. On average, 75% of the people do not bother reading an article if the starting is not engaging enough or hard to read or understand. 

The makers behind the Hemingway app wanted to address this exact issue and came up with their app. Even though the app primarily focuses to increase your readability score, there are other features like grammatical error checks as well. Over the years, Hemingway became a complete editor toll foraging into various aspects of English writing. 

Though in our comparison, we have found the Hemingway app's reliability to be a bit below par compared to that of Grammarly. Another gripe that we have with the Hemingway app is that there is no built-in spell checker.

This is a prominent problem for anyone getting started on the platform. The free version of the app doesn't come with any save option. If your progress is lost for some reason, it is lost for good. Oh, and did we mention Hemingway doesn’t support adverbs?

On the plus side, the UI of the desktop application is top-notch. So is their support for mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Hemingway app doesn't have any support for the macOS yet. You can however access their website from mac and use the platform. 

Pricing and Usability

You can get the Hemingway app for a one-time purchase price of 20 dollars. This is a serious bargain if you take into consideration the writing insights that you're getting from the application. 

So who is Hemingway for? We believe this app is best suited for bloggers and storytellers. The app is built around the idea of increasing readability. So if you’re a blogger or a new writer, this can be a great tool for you to hone your hand in writing.

Our Verdict

We have tried to take a deep look into Grammarly alternatives that are currently trending. We stacked the pros and cons of each of the applications to determine which the best alternative is. In our review, we found the ProWritingAid to be the most comprehensive and feature-packed among the other alternatives. 

The standard features along with the writing report give it an upper hand compared to the others and we can easily recommend it as the best alternative to Grammarly. 

Though ProWritingAid doesn't support any other platform other than Windows for its desktop application, it is still a good option as their website is blazing fast and offers the same features that you might find in the application. 

Our only complaint with ProWritingAid is that there is no monthly billing option. The yearly plan is reasonably cheap and a steal compared to Grammarly but many people aren't often ready for such a long-term commitment. 

Overall, ProWritingAid is an amazing application that ticks almost all the boxes. If you’re looking for the best Grammarly alternative, then ProWritingAid is the way you should go. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks, this concludes our comprehensive take on the best Grammarly alternative. Truth be told, Grammarly brings a lot more to the table, a complete package when it comes to being an editor tool. 

The free version of Grammarly has a host of features that aren't even there in some of the alternative's premium option. And that is what sets Grammarly apart. We tried to find a Grammarly premium alternative and in our review we found the ProWritingAid app to be the most comprehensive one. 

Depending on your need and your level of proficiency, you can choose any of the alternatives mentioned here. That’s all from us, happy writing!

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