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Quick Summary: Tired of making explainer videos with too much text and just one hand to write it all? Need a quick and reliable tool to make explainer videos more unique and attractive?

Toonly is the most straightforward tool ever made for high-quality and standout explainer videos. Get your Toonly Coupon Code for a 49% discount today and create high-quality and engaging animated videos in minutes.

If you have affiliate landing pages or websites, you already know that adding videos to your landing page increases your conversion rate. Basic human psychology shows that videos lend credibility to online sellers that lead to increased conversions and sales. 

The problem is that, since this knowledge has become commonplace, everyone’s launching their pages with videos. Not only digital marketers, but YouTubers, students, and professionals of all kinds!

To beat the competition, you must stand out and be persuasive and unique! Toonly – the world’s most simple and easy-to-use animated explainer video creator, you’re able to do this!

This software lets you make explainer videos quickly and easily. You’ll be able to make yourself stand out from the thousands of other people making these types of videos.

Read on to find out more!

Use Toonly to Make Stand-out, High-Conversion Explainer Videos

Toonly is the most straightforward tool ever made for high-quality and standout explainer videos. Get your Toonly Coupon Code for a 49% discount today!

Unbiased Toonly Review

Toonly Review

Toonly stands out in the video creating a software market with its simple drag-and-drop feature. It’s very easy to learn how to create your videos with this feature! The user interface is solid as well.

When you start the software, you’ll notice a tray over towards the left side of your screen where you find many elements you can add to the videos. Toonly includes pre-created scenes that you can modify the characters, objects, and backgrounds.

Pick the elements you want and arrange these into your videos however you like! The lower tray lets you put the time duration of these elements, which works similarly to other explainer video makers.

Toonly’s Pricing

Toonly software has 2 different monthly packages. The standard package is $39/mo. and the enterprise package – which gives you even more benefits – is $69/mo.

The enterprise package features more backgrounds, characters, audios, objects, and more! You also will get Toonly Club access which gives you full access to new animations every single month!

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Toonly’s Quality and Product Design

We gave Toonly a test drive to see how well it worked for us. 5 minutes in and we were completely convinced that it’s the simplest and easiest-to-use animated explainer video creator on the market today. 

Toonly’s user interface is outstanding – very easy-to-user and beginner-friendly. Someone with no video editing experience could learn how to use this software in just a day or two!

You’re able to make full animated videos within 10 minutes! Start your project with a unique name*. Then look over to the tray on the left for your category choices.

The scene category lets you add pre-built scenes to your videos. You can change the background, characters, and music however you like. The background category allows you to add and modify the background of your videos. All the selections are excellent and high-quality!

The characters category allows you to pick the characters and how they enter/exit the video scenes. You’re also able to edit their behaviors with a simple click!

All the characters have preset behaviors you can choose. You can make your character laugh, dance, stand still, and many more things! You’re also able to choose how long they do this.

Toonly gives you an excellent choice for background music to add to your videos. Many varieties are available, and you can select the ones perfect for your video’s mood and atmosphere! You’re also able to record your voice for quality voiceovers – no 3rd party software required!

The only downside we found is that Toonly’s object library is pretty limited. You’ll frequently find yourself adding external objects and logos into your project, and you can’t animate the objects you import.

You can only make them appear and/or disappear. But that’s only a slight drawback – overall, Toonly is excellent software and an incredible value!

Create Your High-Quality, Shareable Explainer Videos Today!

Toonly is the Easiest Tool Ever Made for Creating Professional and Stand-out Animated Explainer Videos. Get your Toonly Coupon Code for Your 49% discount!

Toonly: The Pros

  • Easy-to-user interface
  • Excellent selection of backgrounds and characters
  • Seamless drag-and-drop feature for adding elements to your videos
  • Excellent voice-recording option
  • Can be utilized on multiple devices at one time

Toonly: The Cons

  • The object library is limited, and you can’t animate imported objects

Toonly FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

1. Is Toonly Worth it?

If you want to improve your content, you'll need to upload tons of videos. Now, if you don't use Toonly, the only way left is to hire a professional animator who'll do the job for you.

A professional animator will provide you with decent work, but they'll charge at least $30 for each minute of the video! 

However, you can create similar or even better videos using Toonly, and it costs only $39 per month!

You can create as many videos as you want with Toonly at the cost of one video made by a professional animator! This makes Toonly completely worth it! 

2. How to add a background in Toonly?

You can add lots of interesting backgrounds in Toonly. You can add backgrounds easily by clicking on the 'Backgrounds' tab. It's on the left side of the interface.

Browse through the backgrounds and drag the one that catches your attention. Drop the background on the project to add it.

3 . How do you make things move in Toonly?

  1. Click on the object you want to move, and in the timeline section, click on the diamond with an orange outline to activate it. 
  2. Drag it to the point when the object will stop moving.
  3. Drag the object from its initial position to final.

4. How do I edit text on Toonly?

Unfortunately, you can't edit text on Toonly once it's added. You'll have to delete the text and then add a new one.

However, this issue is being addressed in the community, and they're likely to add it sooner than later. So, don't worry much about it! 

5. How do you add music to Toonly?

Toonly offers a lot of music tracks. To check these out, click on the 'Audio'' tab on the left ribbon of the interface.

Click on each track to listen to them. You can add them to your video by dragging them down to a lane in the timeline section. 

6. Can I download Toonly on multiple computers?

Yes, you can download and use Toonly by logging in from different computers!

Toonly stores all of your projects online, so you can also access all the projects from multiple computers.

It doesn't matter how many computers you log in from, as long as you have the ID name and password.

7. What are some good Toonly video examples?

Toonly can be used to make all sorts of videos!

You can create a simplistic corporate presentation video, a colourful presentation for kids, an informative explainer video for your exams, and even a full-length cartoon with Toonly. The only limit is your creativity!

Below, we'll include some videos created with Toonly.

Create Your High-Quality, Shareable Explainer Videos Today!

Toonly is the Easiest Tool Ever Made for Creating Professional and Stand-out Animated Explainer Videos. Get your Toonly Coupon Code for Your 49% discount!

Toonly vs Doodly: Which Is Better for You?

Both Toonly and Doodly are very famous amongst content creators. Both of these softwares are cheap, especially when you compare them to the fees of professional animators.

You don't need any prior experience in video creation to learn to use these, nor do you need any coding expertise to animate the videos. Both of the softwares offer unique yet the same number of scenes, objects, and characters. 

Although these seem to be similar, there are a lot of differences between Toonly and Doodly. For starters, you can create animated cartoon videos with Toonly.

On the other hand, Doodly is for creating whiteboard videos. If you buy the premium plan of Doodly, you'll be able to use colour, but it'll still be a whiteboard video. 

Then again, you can use Toonly without any internet connection. On the other hand, you'll need to stay connected if you need to use Doodly. This is a huge difference that makes Toonly far better than Doodly. 

But we think Toonly is better than Doodly in every way as it offers more flexibility. You can animate objects very easily with Toonly, but the same isn't true for Doodly. 

Overall, Toonly offers more features and is easier to use. 

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Toonly Review: Our Final Verdict

Most freelancing sites charge you a minimum of $30 for a one-minute explainer video. Toonly allows you to make unlimited videos per month without needing to pay excessive amounts of money!

Toonly is simply the easiest animated explainer video creator on the market today. You can save yourself money and even earn money by selling as a freelancer! For digital marketers, your conversion rate will skyrocket! 

A well-produced and visually appealing video has a much bigger chance of being viewed by a prospective customer than words and text, and Toonly is your best option on the market for this!

With all of this in mind, we highly recommend Toonly to you. It may seem pricey, but you can save AND earn lots of money with it, more than making back the amount you pay.

Take action today – subscribe to Toonly and start making money today!

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